Monday, August 11, 2008

Bush to Russia: Reverse course in Georgia

[Editor's note: The above photo is from the editors private collection of stolen Bush porn and was NOT featured on the linked CNN story. Although it should have been.]

"WASHINGTON (CNN) -- Russia's attacks against the former Soviet republic of Georgia have "substantially damaged Russia's standing in the world," President Bush told reporters Monday after returning from his trip to Asia."

Yeah, invading other countries DOES tend to "substantially damage" your countries "standing in the world". Jesus Fucking Christ!

"Bush also warned Russia against trying to depose Georgia's government, saying evidence suggests Russia may be preparing to do so."

Let me just make sure I understand what you just said. You're saying it is WRONG for one country to invade another country and depose it's government? That's right, isn't it? That's what you just fucking said, isn't it?

"Russia must reverse the course it appears to be on," Bush said in the Rose Garden of the White House."

Or what? What the fuck are you going to do? What do you think that anybody in the world believes that you have left that can possibly back up any threat you make to anybody?

You gonna attack Russia?


Nukes? You gonna launch a nuclear war to defend Georgia? You going to kick-off all out atomic Armeggeddon to punish another country for doing THE EXACT SAME FUCKING THING THAT YOU DID? TWICE!!!

Because I got news for ya Dubya. Nukes is all you got left. You have squandered our conventional military strength in a trumped up "war" when the entire matter could have been handled as a clandestine law enforcement matter.

Even if our military were at full strength, not engaged anywhere in the world, rested, equipped, trained, chomping at the bit for some action and completely at your disposal, you STILL couldn't do anything.

Attacking and invading Russia has never, ever, worked.

Ask Napoleon.

Ask Hitler.

The Russians, really, really don't like uninvited guests who behave poorly.

Diplomatic options? Huh uh. You pissed that away too. We don't have any clout left with ANYBODY thanks to you.

Nations that would have been intimidated by our power and influence 10 years ago and who would have sided with us out of fear of retaliation, now routinely spit in our face just for the fun of doing so.

Because they know we can't do shit!

So please, Mr. President, do the American people and the entire world a favor and just shut the fuck up.

You are an embarassment and a failure. Everyone knows it but you. Even Cheney. He played you like a fucking violin.

Flapping your pie hole can only make America more impotent.


Stop appearing in public.

Stop speaking to the press.

Search the google for a really good international lawyer.

Start looking for really cheap one way flights to The Netherlands.

On second thought, don't worry about the flight arrangements. I'm sure The International Criminal Court in The Hague has the resources to carry out an extreme rendition.

It's hard to imagine anyone who would lift a finger to stop it.


meesha.v said...

there is no such thing as diplomatic clout, there is force and then there is money. we have no force, no interest in direct conflict, but money? that we can do. I read an interesting point today that our dropping oil prices are hitting Russians directly where it hurts since all of their economy is based on oil and it's not a coincidence that the price drop is occurring at the right time.

Old Fart said...

This is a great comment I saw on this subject on another blog... so I won't steal it. With credit:
From “claude” on

No worries. With Bush in office… Russia attacking Georgia will just cause GWB to amass troops just outside Atlanta.