Friday, October 10, 2008

Jack Cashill vs. Barack Obama = FAIL

A very dear friend of mine was subjected to a video purporting to link Barack Obama to some idiot no one has ever heard of named Khalid Al-Mansour.

I'm not going to link to the video. It is easy enough to google if you want.

She said "I always let you investigate this stuff. Let me know if it is real.


After some due diligence, this is how I responded to her.


This is crap.

Jack Cashill is a local right-wing, conspiritorial nutcase and he appears to be the one who spliced this fantasy together.

Look carefully at how it is edited and how poor the video quality is. Mouths are moving and audio is being played, but it is impossible to reconcile the two. It is bad video ventriloquism.

Just take a look at his website and some of the ridiculous books he has written and is selling. His website is easy to find. He proudly advertises it at the end of the video. That alone should tell you something.

We are in the final stretch of the general election and the bottom-of-the-barrel, loose cannon, political assasins will be pulling crap like this out of their asses right up intil election day, hoping to pick off whatever gullible voters they can target.

This is the ugliest election season EVER because there are a lot of closet racists out there who can't stomach the thought of a black man in the White House.

Personally, I can't stomach the thought of another 4 years of a man in his 70's parroting Dubya to pander to the Republican base while Sarah Palin sits a heartbeat away from being President.

We've had 8 years of abiding an idiot in the White House. I don't want to take the chance of McCain kicking the bucket while in office and leaving the presidency to someone dumber than Bush.

With the economy in the worst shape since the Great Depression (thanks to Republican deregulation of Wall Street investment bankers and our RIDICULOUS military spending in Iraq and Afghanistan), we cannot hand over our country to a goobery old geezer who wants to continue the disastrous path we are on and who's 2nd in Command has little more experience than a High School Student Body President and Prom Queen.


Anonymous said...

I really think John McCain has lost his shit. I mean in the "synapses aren't firing right" sense. Im going to check this site out...

F said...


great post.