Wednesday, October 22, 2008

We Can't Stop Iran (or anyone else) From Getting Nukes

Iran expanding its Nuke program

Bush: Iran Cannot Gain Nuclear Weapons

Preventing Iran from Acquiring Nuclear Weapons
John R. Bolton, Under Secretary for Arms Control and International Security
Remarks to the Hudson Institute
Washington, DC
August 17, 2004

Israel Has Decided: Iran Will Not Have Nukes

World must prevent Iran from getting nuclear weapon, says Barack Obama

Jewish leader confident Putin will help prevent Iran from getting nuclear arms

Lavrov: Russia won't abide nuclear-armed Iran

It's all bluster and bluff. Like a Spiney Puffer Fish.

Let me make this perfectly fucking clear.

There is no way that any world power can FORCE Iran to NOT develop nukes.

There is only one way to prevent them from developing nuclear weapons.

They have to be convinced that there is no threat to their sovereignty great enough to require nukes as a counter-measure.

How do you make such a convincing case?

By TALKING to them.

By endorsing a Nuclear Free Middle East.

That includes No Nukes For Israel.

Israel has never admitted that they have a nuclear capability. They need to come clean, grant complete transparency to U.N. Inspectors, giving open access to Israel's weapons program. In exchange for every other middle eastern country (Egypt, Libya, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, et al) opening themselves to the same level of scrutiny.

When every country in the middle east can "trust, but verify" that their neighbors pose no threat, peace is possible.


Doc said...

We are in such a damned hurry to be omniscient and omnipotent that we trip over feet in our rush to create more problems for ourselves.

those minds that researched splitting the atom had many, many worries about what they were doing. left to their own devices, and once they had proved their theory, they would have put off actually building a device until such time as they had exlored, debated and had come to a consensus on its use.

that those minds were not allowed that perogative is a useful reminder that we are descended from apes and naturally gravitate to the biggest tool available. and, no, we don't want any other apes to have that tool.

it will all come to naught in the end, of course, but for the nonce we contiune to puff up our chests, screeck out challenges and fling poo when we feel we can get away with it.

what will undoubtedly occur is that Isreal will take out Iran's reactor when they feel the time is right and the U.S. will turn a blind eye. although, Bush would prefer that happen sooner rather than later. happily, the jackass isn't getting his druthers much these days...

travel said...

Israel already asked for Bush's blessing to take out Iran's reactors and he said...forget it...and they didn't, but things like that don't make the front page. I doubt they'll ask Obama's permission.

travel said...

And, I just want to add that there are predictions that if Obama is elected, Israel will strike before he takes office. I'm not saying I want that because the very thought scares me to death, but I think it's highly likely.

Doc said...

Travel -

Hmmm. Irael has plainly said it reserves the right to take whatever action it deems necessary if diplomatic efforts to halt Iran's nuclearization fail. So Iran's future is directly in its own hands, regardless of what The Diminished Texan says.

At least for the moment.

And you have outcomes reversed:

If obama gets elected, I would imagine that something like this would take place, assuaging Israel's fears.

A McCain win, however, would be more likely to trigger an Ireaeli attack, if only based on Palin's motor-mouth...

mainstream said...

That's a very informed opinion, Doc.

People like Travel really show their stripes with comments like this:

"I doubt they'll ask Obama's permission."

As if George Bush, of all people, has higher moral and formal authoirty than Obama would have as president?

Travel, just like the Palin-McCain ticket, you're making stuff up. just like the mailer I received today, 4 pages long, trying to make the case that Obama is a terrorist sympahthizer.

That's the difference between Travel and me, she buys into that shit.

And I don't.

And then Travel says: "there are predictions that if Obama is elected, Israel will strike before he takes office."

What does that mean? It leaves Bush total lattitude to react, so Bush would maybe condone an unprovoked Israeli attack?

No one commenting on this blog has any intelligence info that says an Iranian attack on Israel is imininent.

Therefore, I conclude that (1) an unprovoked attack on Iran is the absolute worst possible thing that could happen and (2)some people think an unprovoked attack is justified, and they'r ePalin-McCain supporters; and most importantly,(3) Palin-McCain supporters are unthinking, conspiracy-oriented anti-intellectual people that don't care for any type of in-depth, fact based analysis.

Keep up the good work, Palin-McCain supporters - and continue to try and convince America that Barack in anti-American and a terrorist sympathizer.

I think Collin Powell and Warren Buffet may disagree with you.

travel said...

Newsflash Mainstream - the difference between you and me doesn't matter at all.

The shit you buy into and the shit I buy into is our personal shitattude. I could care less what you think.

Xavier Onassis said...

mainstream - "People like Travel really show their stripes with comments like this:..."

"That's the difference between Travel and me, she buys into that shit."

Do you know Travel? Have you ever met her? How do you know what she "buys into" and doesn't?

Travel has been visiting this blog and expressing her opinions (which I mostly disagree with) a lot longer than you.

Unlike most of the blogs you visit, we don't attack each other here. We just talk.

Challenge the idea, argue the facts, question the premise, refute the argument, but please don't attack my commenters.

mainstream said...


I think I'll attack the fact that Travel buys into the whole "Obama is a terrorist sympathizer" thing.

That's what I fucking attacked, I attacked her statements on gonemild and I'll attack them here.

Unless of course you'd like to gain 75 lbs, aquire a wife and be saved by Jesus, and delete my comments because they don't sit well with you. And change your name to Joe-Joe.

What the fuck do you think Travel means when she says

"I doubt they'll [the Israelis] ask Obama's permission"

George Bush has the high ground and moral authority to represent Israel and Obama doesn't?

To give the high ground to George Bush pertaining to Israel is insane.

YES - I'll attack her - especially since she will draw motives into the game, and imply that Barack is anti-American.

You'll recall

Travel made this statement, in response to bloggers defending Obama's very casual relationship to Ayers: (on 10/7 on gonemild):
"Everything was absolutely ideal on the day I bombed the Pentagon.

The sky was blue. The birds were singing. And the bastards were finally going to get what was coming to them."

Bill Ayres

Enjoy yourself.

10/07/2008 6:25 PM


The "enjoy yourself was TRAVEL"S STATEMEMENT, NOT AYERS, and the "enjoy yourself" comment was made from travel to liberal bloggers.

That was her response to people defending Barack Obama.

I won't sit still and let Fox News junkies perpetuate the hate and race baiting.

Yeah, I'll fucking attack when I feel like there's a bit of injustice.

"Enjoy youself"

I'm not the one implying the world will not listen to Barack Obama, or not take him seriously.

I'm not implying one fucking thing, I'm just reacting to the divisive statements that define travel (to some extent) and Sarah Palin (to a large extent).

You're damn fucking right I'll react to some blogger who recites an Ayer's comment to me and then tells me to "enjoy myself".

As if I'm complicit.

As if they are trying to pin Ayers terrorism on me (and of course, Obama).

Fuck that.

mainstream said...

and don't bother lecturing me on attacking other bloggers, as if you haven't.

You're a fucking hypocrite.

You never attack anybody?



mainstream said...

"Everything was absolutely ideal on the day I bombed the Pentagon.

The sky was blue. The birds were singing. And the bastards were finally going to get what was coming to them."

Bill Ayres

Enjoy yourself.
Sorry, but when someone says that to me, I'm gonna go on a fucking three day rant.

"enjoy myself" ???????

Why would I enjoy myself over Bill Ayers?

Huh??? Why the fuck would anybody tell me to "enjoy myself" over the statements of Bill Ayers????

I don't approve of him, and I know that Obama had only a casual relationship with him, but when I say that, I get the statement above from a blogger, trying to impune my patriotism.

Yeah, I'm going to fucking rant.

mainstream said...

I think I'm done venting now.

Sorry about that.