Wednesday, December 03, 2008

In Support Of Gay Marriage

Why should heterosexuals have a monopoly on emotional desolation, sexual blackmail and financial bondage?

Conservatives are always bemoaning the decline of marriage as young people choose to just live together rather than make a sacred, soul-binding, life long commitment before God Almighty.

What better way to preserve the institution of marriage than open it up to an entire demographic that doesn't know any better because they've never been exposed to its insidiousness?

As jaded, damaged, baggage-ridden heterosexuals abandon the ancient institution for the torturous, money draining, black hole of self esteem it has become, by all means, let us throw open the gates of marriage to the one group that wants to embrace the concept.

Gay Marriage is the only short term solution for rescuing the Institution Of Marriage from the ash heap of outmoded ideas.

If the LGBT community wants marriage...I say, let them have it.

I will gladly relinquish my place in line to anyone who wants it.

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Marti said...

he video was great! Thanks for sharing - hope all is well in your world. Going to retweet your link.

I Travel for JOOLS said...

Cry me a river. The voters decided the issue. I've seen you defend the majority vote before, why not now?

And one other thing. Why is all the hate and demonstrations directed against the mormon and "white churches"? Why not the black community which overwhelmingly passed the amendment? Neva mind...not politically correct is it.

This whole thing is about monetary benefits. Let's just give it to em under civil unions and be done with it. While we're at it, I have a friend with cancer who had no health insurance. Think I can form a civil union with her so she is automatically added onto my insurance plan? Or, do we have screw each other to qualify?

gay_dude said...

It's LGBT, not GLBT, FYI.

Xavier Onassis said...

JOOLS - The voters have made bad decisions before. Like when they elected Dubya. Twice.

gay_dude - Thanks for the correction. I had a late night dyslexic moment.

Rusty said...

Funny video, and I agree with you 100%!!!!