Friday, January 30, 2009

I Don't Think They Are From Around Here...

25 Indicted In Meth Trafficking Case

KANSAS CITY, Kan. -- Prosecutors said 25 people were indicted in connection with an investigation into methamphetamine trafficking in the Kansas City area.

Prosecutors said the drug ring was running a more pure form of meth known as ice, the kind that is imported from Mexico.

Charged in the indictment are:
Baltazar Quiroz, 27, Kansas City, Mo.
Uriel Lopez-Montejano, 41, Whitfield, Neb.
Hector Eduardo Garcia-Gallardo, 38, Las Vegas, Nev.
Araceli Lozano-Miranda, 29, Kansas City, Mo.
Luis Lozano-Miranda, 21, Kansas City, Kan.
Francisco Armando Lopez-Montejano, 28, South Sioux City, Neb.
Jorge Carrillo-Chavez, 33, Wakefield, Neb.
Javier Dozal, 28, Kansas City, Kan.
Secundino Arias-Garcia, 29, Kansas City, Mo.
Hugo Chavez-Cadenas, 39, Grand Prairie, Texas
Jose Jimenez-Alvarez, 44, Kansas City, Kan.
Maricela Naranjo, 34, Independence, Mo.
Guadalupe Ruiz, 42, Kansas City, Kan.
Marisela Ruiz, 21, Kansas City, Kan.
Francisco Javier Ruiz-Najera, 38, Kansas City, Kan.
Steven Luttrell, 49, Kansas City, Kan.
Vincent Ray Marez, 24, Ottawa, Kan.
Betty Sue Marcos, 36, Kansas City, Kan.
Servgio Mosqueda-Hernandez, 34, Kansas City, Mo.
Baynard Jack Sitlington, 45, Ottawa, Kan.
Kurtis Wall, 34, Richmond, Kan.
Robynn Woods, 36, Ottawa, Kan.
Jesus Monoz, 18, Kansas City, Kan.
Fabiola Uribe, 28, Kansas City, Kan.
Carlos Dozal-Alvarez, 29, Kansas City, Kan.


Tony said...

Yeah, there's no way that people with those names could live in at least half a dozen Latino dominated neighborhoods in the Kansas City area.

Not to defend Ice Pushers, but the mentality that those names are especially foreign or somehow Un-American neglects the history of Latinos in the KC area which goes back more than a hundred years . . . And beyond.

Anti-Tony said...

Yeah he is right, some of those guys are white. Sucks being on the other end, but I am willing to bet 85% of the Latino group are not from here. So semantically speaking, he is probably correct. Quit looking for smoke when the fire was never lit.

Nightmare said...

Jesus was trafficking in METH? What are the odds of that?

Nightmare said...

Oh And Tony...What does the history of Mexicans have anything to do with the fact that a majority of those names I'm betting , because I"m a gambler, are fucking illegal aliens or at the best case scenario first gen Mexi-Trash- Americans?

Just because you have a history in one neighborhood doesn't mean you aren't a criminal.

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Doc said...

Antonia commented?

In the negative?

Wow - one of her relatives must have been busted in this...