Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Quick Summary of Christianity

Thanks to Atheist Homeschooler!! LUMI!


Muddy Mo said...

This is eerie. I just finished the 2nd edition of WWJD Tuesday

I Travel for JOOLS said...


May said...

That's hilarious!

Embarrassed for you said...

Ooh, people with religious ideas different from mine are stoopid! And dumb!

This is the closest thing to public wanking I've seen, even on the interwebs. It's OK to lack intellect, imagination, sense of humor and English language skills. But if you had more sense you would at least shut up. Seriously, this page is the best argument I've seen for atheists being mouth-breathing, inbred troglodytes.

Anonymous said...

Atheists are boring and litigious, as the Denver Post link points out.

Time for people who dislike lima beans to mobilize against lima bean eaters!

Leigh Ann said...

Well, you know I'm a Christian and I don't believe any of those things. In the first place, for Jesus to be the Messiah, he has to be a direct descendant of David, and he was a descendant of David through the lineage of Joseph. Secondly, Jesus never made the claim that he was God. Over and over again, he makes the distinction between himself and his Heavenly Father. Never once does he say he is God. Neither the term nor the concept of "original sin" is found in the Bible. It's all made up. Etc. etc. etc. As many so-called Christians will tell me I'm going to hell for what I've written above as will think the same about you for being an athiest. But we're not all the same, Christians.

You asked me about my religion a couple of times. But if I were to discuss it, the more I would say the stupider you'd think I was. Every once in a while the Prof. will say something to the effect of, "Anybody who believes in Christianity is a complete fucking idiot!" and then he wonders why I don't answer the phone.

Linda said...


Anonymous said...

God bless.

Anonymous said...

Good Straw Man, Hip Guy.

Sorry to see you becoming a bigot.

Now...do you have some jokes about JEWS and BLACKS to top it off?

Leigh Ann, if Jesus was not God, then if you are a "Christian" you are an idolator!

The Anti Atheist

Anonymous said...

OH like Christianity never had intolerance related to it? Crusades much?

Anonymous said...

Nope, that was the Catholic Church.

Which does not equal Christianity...definition of bigotry; to condemn the generality on the basis of the actions of some.

The Anti Atheist

dangerousdaisy said...

Bwahaha....mucho controversy.

You could kill their kids, rape their mothers, step on their oxygen tubes, but by goddamnit don't you MESS with their religion.

Oh how I love to see the religious whacko's heads spin around.

BTW, the DECENT Christians I know could give a shit what anyone says about their religion. They know what they believe.

It's the fake, "I am a Christian and I've got RELIGION on my side as my sword" who get bent out shape.

You've all just outed yourselves.

Nicely done, XO.

marigoldsue said...

You do realize don't you, that the man you adoringly refer to as "MY President" is a Christian. If Christians are these unintelligent beings you want to protray them as, what does it say about you that you have so much faith in one to turn our country around?

And the bigot comment, struck a chord with me. I think if a Christian was bagging Jews in their blog, you would be one of the first to call that person out for their judgemental bigotry. So why is it ok for you to bag on a whole class of people with a different perspective than yours?

I have known you a long time, I always thought of you as being a little more tolerant of people, and not someone that would judge based on race, religion, sexual orientation etc.

Like everyone else, some Christians are intelligent, kind-hearted good people. And some are assholes.

Anonymous said...


Game, match and set!

Civil Liberty Guy

marigoldsue said...

P.S. I still love ya!