Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Don't Ski

Spider Sabich died from skiing. Sort of.

Sonny Bono Died from skiing. Definitely.

Natasha Richardson Died fro skiing, apparently.

And don't fuck Claudine Longets

Which I would totally do. Even if it involved skiing. And dying.


emawkc said...

And let us not forget all of the anonymous henchmen who died from skiing and chasing James Bond.

SmedRock said...

Amen Emaw.

Poodles said...

Born, raised, live in Utah (greatest snow on earth). Never had any desire to even put on a pair of skis. Not even for the hot guy in college who promised not to let me hit a tree.

Anonymous said...

HClaudine's last name was Longet, not Longets, just so you know.