Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Economic Vaccination

I sold this useless fucking monstrosity of a house after my divorce

years ago, and now I rent. So the decline in the housing market doesn't affect me.

I declared bankruptcy shortly after that, wiping out all of the credit card debt accumulated during my last marriage, so usurpery level interest rates don't affect me. I no longer have any credit card debt.

I wiped out 20 years of my accumulated 401k covering lawyer bills, moving companies, downsizing and other living expenses so the drop in the stock market doesn't affect me. I no longer own any stock.

My jeep is paid for. I have no car payment.

The company I work for was too conservative to dabble in all that risky financial bullshit. In fact, we are rated Number 7 in the top 150 companies in our industry. We are still growing and hiring, albiet at a slower pace.

I have nothing that the economy can touch.

I have rent, insurance, utilities, groceries and gas. As long as I have a paycheck coming, I have no worries.

I have already voluntarily divested myself of all of the financial baggage that could cause me any angst.

I have nothing, so I have nothing to lose.

It is a very zen-centered place to be.


m.v. said...

What Lenin said: proletariat got nothing to lose but the chains

emawkc said...

Not to crap in your sand garden or anything -- I mean I'm glad you're so at peace with the hard times that everyone is going through -- but there are a couple of items I think you may have overlooked when you say you are unaffected.

For one thing, judging from your description of you company, I'm guessing a significant portion of your income it siphoned off before you even see it to go to the govt. Look for that portion to increase over the next few years.

Also, other taxes will go up as we try to find a way, as a country, to pay for additional AIG bonuses. Hidden taxes like higher energy costs, higher local taxes and increasing inflation.

Then there's the matter of GTO, who will probably will become a contributing member of the workforce (if she's lucky) in the next few years. She can look forward to a lifetime of government servitude as she and her generation try to pay off the massive debts your generation has amassed.

Otherwise, it looks like you have it made in the shade.

Xavier Onassis said...

emaw - Actually, as of the most recent paycheck I received on Friday, I am paying less in taxes than I was before thanks to the tax cuts.

Midtown Miscreant said...

Hate to piss on the old Zen parade, dont want to fuck up your chi, or whatever it's called, but how long are you planning on that paycheck? Going to work until you die? I'm in the same boat as you, except jobless. That said, what are two zen like doofuses gonna do when we hit our golden years? See, thats what keeps me from making sweet ass swirly lines in sand and being one with the universe. we hit 65 we will be as fucked up as a soup sandwich, or geriatric bank robbers.

I Travel for JOOLS said...

This is interesting:

A new study commissioned by Metropolitan Life that breaks down attitudes and habits by age group.

Xavier Onassis said...

mm - Retirement has never been an option. I never plan anything. I'm fucked and always have been.

Up until recently, I always figured I'd drop dead from wild living before I got old enough to retire.

But despite my best efforts over many decades, the no STDs, no liver disease, no lung cancer, no heart disease, no brain tumors and no crazy, homicidal, ex bed partners is severely fucking with my vision of the future.

All I have to hope for now is early onset alzhiemers so I won't realize how fucked I am.