Thursday, March 12, 2009

Jim Cramer is a Comedian and an Entertainer

Never, ever, take financial advice from TV idiots who use cow bells, whistles, and pre-recorded sound effects.

Find an actual accountant or broker, i tour area, who quietly and conservatively makes money for their clients. Talk to them about your personal goals and finances. Do your own due diligence and invest cautiously.

If you have done these things, walk away and take a long term approach.

Don't pretend to be a day trader. Don't try to out guess the CNN or FOX financial pundits.

Do your research, place your bets, and let your money stay where it is.

P.S. - Stocks are REALLY cheap right now! If you truly believe in a company, this is a great time to buy up a shitload of flea-market priced stock. It's like travelling back in time.

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