Monday, April 13, 2009

Finally. The Supremacy of Rationality.

As you may know, I follow a handfull of radical, right wing blogs.

The most rabid, foaming at the mouth, insane, right wing nut job is without a doubt "Mike's America".

This guy had his panties in a twist over (his headline) "Michelle and Barack Behaving Like Low Rent Tourists at London Summit"

Putting aside for a moment the blatant racism in referring to our President and First Lady as "low rent tourists", let's look at his specific complaints.

These two were supposed to improve our image around the world?

"With all the faux pas coming from both Michelle and Barack Obama during the London summit one wonders whether it might be necessary to install a teleprompter in the room to give them instructions.

Curt has the photo of Obama bowing to the Saudi King in the presence of other world leaders. No previous American President has ever bowed to a foreign leader. Doing so here suggests submission to the ruler of the land of Islam's holiest sites. But of course we all know Obama is not a Muslim (he told us so didn't he?) so why bow?"

Again, you have this not-so-subtle suggestion that our President is some sort of Manchurian Candidate Muslim sleeper agent. I'm no expert on diplomatic protocol, but paying respect to the leader of another soverign nation, especially at the first meeting, seems entirely appropriate to me.

Every American President on an international diplomatic trip is coached on what to do and what not to do to show respect and not give offense to the leaders of other countries. Foreign Leaders coming to the United States recieve similar coaching from their advisors on how to engage and address our president.

For President Obama to give a brief, polite (not subservient) bow to the King of one of our allies (that's a whole other issue...don't even get me started) at a G20 Summit does not seem to be that big of a deal.

Certainly not as big of a deal as President Bush holding the same King's hand on a long, romantic walk at the ever so private and secluded Camp David.

You tell me, who comes away with more Presidential dignity intact...Obama or Bush?

Then there was the whole matter of Mchelle Obama "touching" the Queen of England! Egads! What cheek! Rather! Bloody Hell!

Michelle Violates Royal Protocol By Embracing the Queen

"Nearly everyone but a Chicago politician's wife knows you don't go up and touch the person of the British Monarch. It... is... just... not... done!"

[xo - he says this as if he were still a subject of the British Crown! Such righteous indignation!]

"But Michelle Obama did it and the usual apologists are knocking each other over trying to make excuses."

[xo - Apparently, the "usual apologists" include Buckingham Palace - "It was a controversial moment as Michelle Obama broke royal protocol and puts her arms around Queen Elizabeth II. However, what may be unclear to some is that it was the Queen who first made the warm gesture of friendship, putting her arm around the First Lady.

The now-controversial embrace happened at a Buckingham Palace reception for world leaders. No one can remember a similar gesture by the Queen during her entire 57 year reign.

Traditionally, no one is supposed to touch the queen so informally, but a Buckingham Palace spokesman told INSIDE EDITION:

"It was a mutual and spontaneous display of affection and appreciation between the Queen and Michelle Obama. There is no offense. There's no breach of protocol."]

But apparently Mike disagrees.

"Whatever you want to say about former President and Mrs. Bush they knew how to behave. They were well schooled in the do's and don't of protocol and formal events. Barack and Michelle are proving to be embarrassing bumblers who are making the U.S. a laughingstock overseas."

*** sputter ***

"They were well schooled in the do's and don't of protocol and formal events"

Oh, so George Dubya Bush just knew that German Chancellor Angela Merkel secretly wanted an impromptu shoulder rub from the American President in front of the international press at the G8 Conference?

"How 'bout you Berlusconi? You want a shoulder rub?"

Oh yes. Such dignity.

Apparently it is also OK to spew obscenities about one country to the leader of another country while chomping around a mouthful of food like a Ray County hillbilly. Nice!

Obama is absolutely right to be apologizing to Europe and the world for the last 8 years of arrogance on the part of the United States.

I hope we keep apologizing until the rest of the world only vaguely remembers that brief, embarassing, and ultimately inconsequential period of history when The United States of America suffered through 8 years of temporary insanity, completely abandonded everything it ever stood for, and sank to the lowest depths of the enemies it swore to fight against.

It's time to start the long, slow climb out of the deep hole of shame and hypocrisy we have dug for ourself.


m.v. said...

comparing someone to a moron(bush) to make that someone look better is not really that clever. I did think the bow was excessive, the other party didn't bow although they have similar stature. not really world-changing but looked stupid, just as stupid as holding hands.

Faith said...

So why is it ok for the Queen of England to take a suddenly less formal stance when it comes to "protocol" in the presence of new friends/heads of state, but Bush can't take an informal POV when it comes to his interaction with other heads of state himself?

Seems like the hypocrisy shoe is on the other foot this time around, man...

Midtown Miscreant said...

I'd say one apology is enough. The bow didnt bother me, anymore than the Queen thing, or even Bush holding the Kings hand, which was really just a way to keep him from punching in his balloon knot. Where was I? From one curmudgeon to another; you do tend to slather nothing but Praise and adoration on the big O, while maybe overlooking his mistakes , which hopefully are limited to his inexperience and shit like bowing and Queen groping. That said I agree it's much ado over nothing, same goes for W's multitude of doofisms.

I Travel for JOOLS said...

You can apologize all you want, XO, or the big O can do it for you. Just don't make the mistake of thinking the rest of the world gives a shit. If in doubt, go read what that little french dude thinks about Obama's recent trip.

Andrew said...

Obama was gonna get us out of Iraq.

Now he isn't.

He was gonna get us out of Afghanistan.

Now he isn't.

And he is running around apologizing to people who would kill us if they could.

Who ya kiddin?