Saturday, April 11, 2009

The Stupid, It Burns

BERLIN, Germany (CNN) -- A polar bear attacked a woman at Berlin Zoo Friday afternoon after she climbed a fence and jumped into its habitat during feeding time, police said Saturday.

The bear attacks the woman during feeding time at the zoo.

One adult polar bit her several times after she plunged into the moat, police said.

Zoo workers tossed rescue rings toward the woman to hoist her out and distract polar bears swimming nearby, said Goerg Gebhard, a Berlin police officer.

"They saved her life," Gebhard told CNN.

The woman was severely injured and was being treated at a hospital, police said.

It's unclear why the woman entered the bear habitat, but police issued her a citation for trespassing.


Spyder said...

Damn that is stupid! Suicidal you think?

Spyder said...
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I Travel for JOOLS said...

Polar Bear Speaks: Beats the hell out of fish for a change.