Friday, April 17, 2009

Things That Make Me Happy and Give Me Hope






Old Fart said...

The Cuba stuff... good.
Stem Cell research, awesome.
Releasing the torture memos... a start.

Now if Holder will prosecute the Bush adminstrations people responsible for the ordering of the torture then I'll have hope and be sorta happy too. At least for a couple of minutes :)

Midtown Miscreant said...

You might want to bone up on Chavez before you add him to your list. As concerned as you are with human rights, Chavez is one of the biggest violators around. Plus he is as crazy as a shit house rat.

Xavier Onassis said...

Old Fart - I'd like to see the Bush folks prosecuted too. But it will never happen. At least not in this country. For the same reason Ford didn't prosecute Nixon. For a while, I was hopeful that Spain was going to show some balls and do the job for us, but they pussed out. It's still possible that another country who signed the UN Treaty on Torture could step up and do what's right. I certainly hope so.

mm - I know all about Chavez. He's a world class dickhead. But, as someone once said, "You don't make peace with your friends. You make peace with your enemies." If we aren't talking to someone, then we don't have any leverage at all. Talking is good. Threatening, and bullying is worse than useless, it's counter productive. It has exactly the opposite effect that you are trying to accomplish.

mamagotcha said...

The high-speed rail stuff was another nice thing to see, too.

I Travel for JOOLS said...

If we talk to them and they still continue to threaten or terrorize, will you still heart them or does your patience only wear thin with Americans?

Keith Sader said...

Well Jools, the Soviets threatened to annihilate us and we kept talking to them. So again, as someone once said you make peace with your enemies, not your friends.

Anonymous said...

This all sounds great.

Only one catch.

Obama is going to spend trillions to do it...trillions we don't have.

He couldn't tax enough to do it.

So the government will print money, and inflation...bad inflation...will have to follow.

We are in deep shit.

Skeptical Skeptic

I Travel for JOOLS said...

Fair enough, Keith. Outreach is good as long as it's not one-sided. I'll give Obama time on this one.