Friday, May 15, 2009

The Three R's - Respect, Repair and Re-engagement.

When Dubya, Cheney, Rove, Rumsfeld, Addison & Gonzalez and the rest of the Republican Retards were in charge, I posted a lot of angry rants. Because I knew they were destroying everything this country purported to stand for.

And I was right.

They took us from being what they themselves describe as "a shining city upon a hill" to being Minas Morgul.

But when their shit blew up in their face and a majority of the American people elected Barack Obama President and swept Democrats into control of Congress, I breathed a huge sigh of relief and my anger was dissipated.

I am now much calmer and more relaxed. The President is doing everything I expected him to do at the rapid pace that I hoped.

He is working as hard and as fast as he can to completely reverse everything Bush, Jr. put in place and he is going onto the world stage and saying LOUDLY that the past 8 years were an aberration for which we are deeply sorry.

The Bush Years do NOT represent the ideals and aspirations of America.

I have been so happy, that I haven't felt compelled to get involved in political matters at any level.

Local politics? I could give a shit.

There are tons of local blogs who take themselves WAAY too seriously and who seem to be engaged in some political circle-jerk, where the goal is to see who can attract the most anonymous trolls.

Fuck. That.

I'm content to let the amateur, power-player wannabes feed their egos in their tiny, local, fishbowl. It amuses me to watch them try to convince everyone that they are "kind of a big deal" and that anyone should care what they think.

National politics? It's over. We won.

Republicans, conservatives, evangelicals and right-wingers are completely powerless. They are a bunch of limp dicks. And they will be for at least 4 years, probably for 8 years, and quite likely forever.

The more they fume, and spew, and foam at the mouth in righteous indignation, the happier I am.

Because it reinforces the fact that the country is reversing the damaging policies of the past and forging a new direction of Respect, Repair and Re-engagement.

America is back!


emawkc said...

Yeah. Totally. Thank goodness Obama is doing things totally different than the way Bush did things.

emawkc said...

I mean, like totally different.

Old Fart said...

I think it's funny that you actually believe republicans and democrats are different.

So.. Respect. Hmmm. Are you inferring the Obama administration is showing respect for America and/or it's citizens?

If so, then why did he lie to us? Didn't Georgie lie to us? I know Georgie lied, you know Georgie lied... so why claim the Obama adminstration is respecting us. If you want to know what the lie is... just show me one Bill that Obama has held and posted online for review for five days by the citizens of this country BEFORE he signed it. "As president," his campaign website said, "Obama will not sign any non-emergency bill without giving the American public an opportunity to review and comment on the White House website for five days."

He hasn't done this with ONE SINGLE BILL! NOT ONE. And this would be a simple thing to do. Extremely simple.

There are more lies, but I'm sure you'd just dismiss them because, just like the republicans, you don't care about anything other than your political party being in power.

You don't really care about bad politicians... you only care about bad politicians with an R after their name.

Eolai said...

Not liking Obama's re-engagement with the Military Tribunals. Not liking that at all. If he really wants to reform them and give protections and safeguards, why not use the actual criminal system already in existence - like I thought he told the world he was going to?

KC Sponge said...

Xo - while I agree that most politicians are douchebags - I think the slimiest and most self-serving ones are the ones who make it to the national stage. At the local level, you still have some people who are just trying to affect change in their communities - really trying to make their own - and our - lives better. Those people stay in local politics because public service is their ultimate goal. It's those that use these positions as stepping stones or experience gardens that end up being the Angels and Demons you see fit to discuss in your blog.

Midtown Miscreant said...

You are usually a clear thinking guy, but when it comes to Bama you go all adoration and lollipops. You cant honestly believe that he is any different than any other political figure. He is just another self serving douche in a power suit. Granted he is waaaaay better than the previous Howdy Doody reincarnation, but he aint all you crack him up to be. I still think he was the best choice for the job, considering the alternatives, but that just means he wasnt as bad of a choice in comparison. He has gone back on promises, that alone groups him in with his peers, they all blow smoke up the collective ass of america.

I Travel for JOOLS said...

In case you haven't noticed, we now have more national debt than all the presidents combined up to and including Bush.

I wasn't too much of a Ron Paul fan during the elections, and I still don't think he would have been a good president, but he predicted this economic mess we are in chapter and verse in his book written well before it all happened. He is now predicting that due to our out of control spending, things are going to get worse. The dollar is going to tank big time. He makes a hell of a case. I'd note that diamonds and gold are being bought up all over the world and that backs up his prediction.

See him this week on Morning Joe:

Old Fart said...

JOOLS, I personally don't think anyone can be a "good" President. But Ron Paul wouldn't be spending the future of this country to try to pascify major corporations who shouldn't even be in business any longer, never mind winding up being partially "owned" by the feds. Dr. Paul has some "out there" ideas... but not any more out there than the crap we've been witnessing for the past 20 yrs coming from the White House.

I Travel for JOOLS said...

I pretty much agree with you Old Fart. Now I hear the dems want us to bail out California by backing up their defunct bonds. Its almost unthinkable..flat out have the rest of us pay for their excessive spending. There appears to be no end to this mania.

Xavier Onassis said...

emaw - Obama made the right decision on the abuse photos. It would be different if these were photos of newly discovered abuse from a completely different occurrence. It is just more photos of the same incidents involving he same soldiers and the same detainees. Releasing the photos would not serve the cause of justice. Sorry, but I'm still giddy.

emaw - I do disagree with reviving the military tribunals. I would prefer to see the detainees brought to the United States and put on trial. Force the government to lay all of their evidence on the table and prove their case. If they are found guilty, lock them up in Leavenworth. f the government is unable to prove their case, send them back to wherever they we captured. But since people seem to get their panties in a twist anytime the idea of any form of due process for the detainees is brought up, that will probably never happen. So the tribunals are he next best thing. Sorry, but I'm still giddy.

Old Fart - I know with absolute certainty that democrats and republicans are very different. More so now than at any time in our history thanks to the divisive and destructive Roveian tactics of the last 8 years. I do not think Obama lied when he said on his campaign website that "Obama will not sign any non-emergency bill without giving the American public an opportunity to review and comment on the White House website for five days." I think that like you, he was naive and thought "...this would be a simple thing to do. Extremely simple." One would think that the president keeping his blackberry would be "extremely simple" too, but it wasn't. Government red tape and regulations regarding document retention and security revolve around pieces of paper. Moving those policies into the cyber century is not a simple thing to do. He's been in office just over 3 months. Some promises take longer than that to fulfill. Take a chill pill and see what happens. After all, he still has 7 years and 8 months to go. Sorry, but I'm still giddy.

Eolai - See above. I agree with you.

Sponge - Actually, I wasn't talking so much about the actual local politicians as I was the cyber-pundits who fancy themselves to be movers and shakers, who think they are "playas" who think anyone gives a fuck what they think. This is a very small group. Fewer than half a dozen locals. I'm sure you know who I mean.

mm - I disagree with your characterization. Not about me. That was probably dead-on accurate. But everything I've seen from Obama convinces me that this is a new ballgame. He is doing everything I wanted him to do, at the pace that I expected him to do. Sorry, but I'm still giddy.

jools - Yes, I've noticed the debt. Yes, it concerns me. But when Clinton left office we had a SURPLUS. If we had had that national nest egg in place instead of squandering it on a war of choice in Iraq, we could have had Afghanistan stabilized AND weathered this financial crises without having the level of debt that we are facing today. Sorry, but I'm still giddy.

Old Fart - "...I personally don't think anyone can be a "good" President." That statement automatically prejudices any opinion that comes after. You approach any issue with a predisposed assumption that skews and spins your pronouncements. If no one can be a good president and there is no difference between the democrats and republicans, what is your solution? Abolish all government, just let everybody do whatever the fuck they want and we'll see what happens? Wouldn't that result in even MORE dog shootings?

Sorry folks, but I'm still giddy.

The ban on stem cell research has been overturned.

This is what I expected.

Every single signing statement Bush made is being reviewed and repudiated where necessary.

This is what I expected.

He has committed to closing Gitmo.

This is what I expected.

He has public ally and loudly stated that we will NOT torture. Ever.

This is what I expected.

He has gone overseas and admitted that yes, the United States has behaved arrogantly.

This is what I expected.

He has gone oversea and said "I'm here to listen, not to lecture."

This is what I expected.

He will be going to Egypt to make a speech directed at the Muslim world.

This is what I expected.

There is talk that Bush administration officials will be held accountable for trying to legally shield illegal activity.

This is what I expected.

Still giddy.

Thanks everybody! Got nuthin' but luv for all y'all!

Logtar said...

I'm kind of a big deal already... so.

The thing that has amused me the most about the people talking about money is that we spent SO MUCH MONEY on a war that could have been dealt with in such a different way, in such a different arena... but hey, money spent on WAR is well spent right, money to be spent in our own country is just going to cripple the future and the children right... I have been itching to talk about this, but I digress and just don't want to have to deal with ignorant people posting on my blog anymore. Some of these people talk like they would be willing to take a dump on someone's coffee table, I would like to see one of them actually give that a try in my house. LOL, angry keyboardists.

emawkc said...

re: photos-Your probably right. We should just leave it up to the government to tell us what we should and shouldn't know. They would never mislead us.