Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Ungrateful Hypocrite

I mentioned on Twitter the other day that I had been BANNED by yet another self righteous, right-wing blogger who thinks that being banned from their pitiful little blog is some sort of hardship for me.

This was the guy. "Jo Joe Politico".

This was the post I was responding to.

"I came home Thursday from the world's ritziest hospital, following my heart attacks (two of them...one Monday and one at the hospital Thursday morning - three stents in several coronary arteries).

It had wall to wall polished wood cabinets, a built in desk, draperies/sheers/verticles on the windows, high def. TV, a great staff and beds worse than an old Army cot.

I was sent there because none of the local hospitals had a surgeon who could do the proceedure STAT."

He deleted my comment so I can't quote from it verbatim.

My offense? I suggested to him that if we lived in the world of moral jeopardy he advocated; a world of unfettered, free market capitalism with no government regulation or interference, he might not have pulled through.

Because apparently, there are not enough people with his condition, in his area to make it profitable for a surgeon who could perform the procedure he needed to set up shop in a hospital close to him.

It's all about Supply and Demand, right?

You can't expect a surgeon to set up a money losing practice in a remote area just to save the occasional life! That's just stupid. Who would do that? That's crazy.

In modern right-wing economic terms, "Jo Joe Politico" should have been "allowed to fail". That would have driven people with his condition to move to areas where they could be adequately cared for based on pure market dynamics.

But instead, he was the oh-so-happy recipient of the medical equivalent of a Government Bail Out.

He wasn't entitled to it by market economics. But he got it anyway because he was, apparently, Too Big To Be Allowed To Fail. And because (in reality) saving lives is more important than economics.

Then he had the AUDACITY to brag about his luxurious "polished wood" accommodations and still find breath to complain about the comfort of his "worse than an old Army cot" bed.

When I suggested that his exuberance at still being alive might be at odds with his political and economic philosophy, well, he didn't fucking like that at all and he responded thusly:

"Xavier Onassis: What you have just proven is that your salutatory address was as hypocritical as they come. You came here for one reason and one reason only, and that was to spit venom at someone while he is down.

Sad to say, I am not down any longer.

I did not ask for any type of treatment at all, and am quite ready to die if need be. I have no fear or dread of death.

You are a crude, tasteless, mindless, cretan to use a situation like this to make some political statement.

[EDITOR: I suspect he meant 'cretin' i.e. an idiot, rather that Cretan, i.e. someone from the isle of Crete. But of course, that in no way reflects on the rigorous nature of his intellectual discipline. I'm just "nitpicking".]

You are hereby permanently disinvited to this blog [OH NOES!] for two irrevocable reasons: 1) You are crass and slimy and 2) I don't want you here.

That was pure guile and extreme hatred of the kind only EVER exhibited by the horrible, filthy leftists like you.

ALL future correspondence from you will be deleted...period.

TO THE REST OF YOU: Thank you for showing more humanity than XO has ever known. I appreciate your thoughts and prayers.

Feel very sorry for him, but do not expect to see him in my comment section any longer."

Lastly, let's take at whether my accuser "walks his walk". Is he a job-creating entrepreneur, fueling the economy with his financial genius? Or his he a drain on the economy?

"Lest you think I am one of the elite, consider whether you think earning $500.00 per month places me among the elite.

I also receive a small Social Security Income and Medicare benefits, into which I paid from every paycheck since 1965, plus a supplement policy which I pay out of my fairly rapidly dwindling savings."

In other words, "Jo Joe Politico" is sucking on the government tit while complaining that the tit exists. He is under the illusion that "Social Security" and "Medicare" are some sort of mythical "savings accounts" into which he paid over the years and can now justly withdraw upon need.

Huh uh, bubba. What you paid in was paid out in real time to folks who needed it at the time.

What you are drawing out now, is being paid in be me and people like me, who do not agree with your vision of America. We are supporting you with our taxes. The money that I earned through my hard work kept you alive when you were sick and unable to work. And I'm OK with that.

You, however, are not. There is a word for that.

Ungrateful hypocrite.

OK, that's 2 words. I'm just sayin'.


Faith said...

So, you compared him going to the hospital for a heart attack with politics?


Sorry, that does seem like a needless attack on someone who isn't feeling very well. And I don't know about you, but when I get attacked in my comments about whatever shit I might have just spewed in the corresponding post, it tends to rev my heart up a bit. Maybe I'm odd in that regard, but considering that I'm likely normal with that reaction, do you really think that was a nice thing to do, man?

Why did I think you had already been banned from him blog a long-ass time ago? Weird.

I Travel for JOOLS said...

This guy lives in Lehigh Acres, Florida, population of about 68,000 people. Lehigh Acres is considered part of the Ft. Meyers metro area, population over 500,000. I assume the local hospital(s) he was referring to are in Lehigh and he had to go to Ft. Meyers. Just where should he move to, XO, to get away from that "remote" area? Independence?

Who pissed in your post toasties?

I Believe in Karmic Retribution said...

Faith, Jo-Joe Politico makes it his full time job to post rants against those he considers to the "lefties".

Every day, every single post.

All politics, and how the democrats are destroying our nation with their socialism.

Every post, and he posts daily.

He dishes it out, and it appears he can't take it.

I think we should do the math - his contributions into medicare, versus the cost of his heart and other procedures over the last ten years.

Jo-Joe is way overweight, with significant health issues, and I think it's a no-brainer that he's costing the health care system WAY more than he ever has contributed.

As a matter of fact, I'd LOVE to do the math.

For a guy who rants daily against the socialist society he lives in, while he is taking advantage of a huge public subsidy (Medicare) -- is hypocritical.

The fat fuck has probably received over a million dollars in healthcare benefits in addition to what he has paid into the system.

The idiot can dish it out, but he can't take it.

Bull E. Vard said...

I have no interest in defending whatever idiotic right wing blogger you're picking on this week. I have no idea why you feel the need to pick on idiots, but whatever.

I must take issue with your assertion that our healthcare system is unbridled capitalism at its finest. The government and AMA have taken actions over the years to purposely limit the number of doctors and what services those not licensed can provide. A simple reform would be to eliminate the need to see a licensed doctor to get access to antibiotics when you have a cold or when you get stitches. A doctor is an expensive option for minor medical issues, yet it is the only option allowed by our government. If people were allowed to get treatment for minor medical conditions from a physician's assistant, a lot of doctors would be freed up to become surgeons and the like.

The second intervention is the de facto subsidy that employers get for purchasing employees' health insurance. The employer based insurance industry leads to less competition and less choice for consumers. I think there are plans to tax health benefits as wages in congress right now so that would eliminate the de facto subsidy. But until that happens we will have an imperfect insurance market.

I only explain this because it pisses me off when people call things free market which are not free market. Our health system is certainly not a free market and any complaints (well warranted) you have with our health system, the free market isn't to blame half as much as government intervention.

Xavier Onassis said...

Faith - See the comment from Karmic Retribution. He has a good read on why I felt compelled to make the comments I did.

Jools - I don't really expect him to move. I was speaking allegorically. I think. Or maybe I was speaking metaphorically. Or making an analogy. Hell, I don't know. But the guy just pisses me off.

Karmic - Exactly. What you said.

Bull E. Vard - Wow. That may be the longest post you've ever left here. Thanks. Your points on reforms are good ones. I wasn't really suggesting that "our healthcare system is unbridled capitalism at its finest" (although rereading parts of the post I can see where you might infer that...poor wordsmithing on my part).

I was trying to suggest that IF our healthcare system was the unbridled capitalism model that he seems to prize so greatly, he would have been royally fucked because saving his life wasn't profitable. He would have been "allowed to fail".

Thanks for stopping by, man. Let's do lunch. Have your people call my people.

Faith said...

Well, I don't read Jo Joe's blog, because I have no interest in that kind of spewage (I remember looking at it a long time ago when XO brought it up before), but regardless, I don't see the point in wasting valuable typing/brain power on people like that if you don't like them in the first place.

And I think it's mean-spirited to attack someone who's sick, regardless of why they're sick or whether you think they're crazy loons. I know that might sound weird coming from a hard-ass beyotch like myself, but it's true. That was the point I was making...

I guess I can see why you think he's behaving in a hypocritical manner. ::shrugs:: I guess I just don't see why wasting time arguing with him is entertaining or worth while, is all.

Logtar said...

XO is great for actually reading that kind of stuff in a regular basis, someone has to keep tabs on the crazies...

Not sure if this is quite kicking someone while they are down, or just pointing out the contradictory ideas of someone that launches boulders from a glass castle.

Most people can't handle the truth!

I Travel for JOOLS said...

Logtar. I take issue with about 80 percent of what you said, but let me correct you on two things, that I am certain to be true.

1. Have you never heard of antibiotic resistance? That's when antibiotics quit working because you've taken too many antibiotics. This is dangerous stuff. That's why a prescription is required for them. I could write a book on this topic based on experiences at my former job. Resistance is rampant in countries that do not require prescriptions

2. My physicians assistant prescribes prescription meds all the time. He is not a doctor. Law allows this all over the country.

Faith said...

Jools, I think you meant to direct that comment at Bull E. Vard. Not Logtar.

And yeah...giving free reign to anyone and everyone to prescribe antibiotics doesn't sound like a very good idea to me.

I Travel for JOOLS said...

Sorry, everyone. I did mean to direct that comment to Bull E. Vard. Thanks, Faith for correcting me.

The bottom line here is there needs to be a balance between free markets government intervention, regulation, and social protections.

We all define that balance differently but it really doesn't matter because those rich cats in D.C. will take care of that for us.

Joe said...

#1 You haven't been banned. Some of your ugly, offensive comments have been deleted.

#2 You don't have the facts, but that does not slow you or your friends down a bit...you just say what you want to say when you want to say it without regard for truth...ever.

#3 I paid into the system before you were born, Social Security with my first job and Medicare since it's inception.

#4 I have always done everything I can to be productive at times working 3 full time jobs.

#5 I did not choose the hospital I went to. It was a long way from home and (except for the fact that it saved my life...which you obviously don't care a whit about...thank you very much for your compassion), I would not have chosen it.

#6. Your offense was your abject insensitivity to another human being's plight. Maybe you'll have one some day and someone will be insensitive to it. Thought you guys were all about sensitivity and all...guess I was wrong about that one.

#6 "In modern right-wing economic terms, "Jo Joe Politico" should have been "allowed to fail". That, as you already know, is a total misrepresentation of conservative thought. You know it but are not man enough to say it.

#7 IBIKR: "Every post, and he posts daily." That's a lie. But you wrote it so it must be true...right?

Fiery said...

haven't you had comments deleted by this yutz before?

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