Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Excelsior Springs

When I met TheDLC at the gay bar last weekend, he confessed that he had never been to Excelsior Springs.

So I thought I would give him a reason to visit the town.

There is a lunch spot that he needs to review. Ray's Lunch.

This place has been exactly as you see it, by my personal knowledge, since at least 1964.

But he needs to plan his visit carefully as it is only open from 6am to 2pm, Monday thru Saturday.

While he is there, he should visit the Hall of Waters.

The Water Bar itself and the incredible Art Deco light fixtures are pretty impressive.

And while he's there, he should visit The Elms Hotel. It dates back to the same era and is very cool.


I Travel for JOOLS said...

I held one of my staff meetings at the Elms Hotel. Interesting rooms..old, but cool. A most interesting swimming pool and a hot tub so hot lobsters would scream. Recommended.

The DLC said...

Thanks dude. You had me at Ray's Hamburgers but the other stuff looks really cool.

Street said...

Born and raised in Excelsior Springs and would love to go back someday to raise a family. Other recommendations: the Ventana restaurant and most of the adorable downtown.