Thursday, September 24, 2009

Kansas University Coddles Thugs

Self promises discipline after football-basketball fracas at KU

The Kansas City Star

LAWRENCE | The day after a series of fights between Kansas football and basketball players revealed an ongoing feud between the programs, no public discipline was announced, although the university is now investigating the incidents."

College athletics programs are filled with coddled thugs who are pampered and protected by greedy administrators and coaches protecting their paychecks.

Here is how a REAL administrator would deal with the most recent KU crises.

Remove the students involved. Boot them out of the school. Then cancel the Basketball and Football season as a message to the rest of the students and faculty that this bullshit is unacceptable.

Being a really good jock does not entitle you to behave like a criminal.

If you behave like a criminal, you and other people will pay the price for your behavior.

And they probably won't be very fucking happy about it.

College sports programs don't contribute enough to society to get a pass for brutal, criminal, behavior.

Shut 'em down.


Poodles said...

I used to work in the accounts payable office in my college, the athletics department was the richest, most profitable department in the school. They won't shut them down because they are the money makers. It's unfortunate schools (and society) have come to value them so much. Academia shouldn't have to rely on asshole jocks to bring in money, but unfortunately it has become that way for a lot of schools.

Taunia Adams said...

The schools make the jocks and the jocks make the schools. Shut down the jocks and you shut down the school.

Your's is a knee jerk reaction. Not at all plausible. Something needs to be done, but your suggestion is not one.

And no, I do not have my own suggestion.

Christa said...

In a realistic world, your solution is correct. Unfortunately, "Poodles" makes valid a point about the symbiotic relationship between the two and how neither can monetarily survive without the other.
Something does need to be done though because all anyone is learning from the situation right now is that if you're an athlete you can get away with things that are not (or at least should not be) socially acceptable.
I must say though, that as a long time Jayhawk fan it would truly sadden me to see this happen... there I go sounding like the rest of the country.

Faith said...

I don't get what all the hubbub is. They were fighting over chicks. Like a LOT of guys who go to college do. Should the average college-going guy be kicked out of school over a skirmish as well?

Because that's fucking ridiculous.

Their fights sound like they were about stupid nonsense. They are in college not only to play sports and learn from their classes, but also to learn how to become functioning, contributing adults in our society. That kind of thing isn't just about what your parents teach you at home, or what your teachers tell you in class...sometimes, its about real world situations that arise and you have to deal with accordingly.

That's how I see it anyway. I didn't fight when I was in college, but damned if I didn't learn a thing or two about driving while under the influence, screwing guys who have girlfriends, and putting off work that needs to be done to the last minute.

Basically I'm saying that we all make mistakes. We need to learn a thing or two from them in order to benefit properly. I don't see how kicking these athletes out of school would have taught them, or anyone else, a damned thing. Except how to overreact to an overblown situation.