Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Public Education! A Liberal, Socialist Agenda!

Today, some conservative parents kept their kids out of school to prevent them from hearing the President of the United States tell American students that it was important for them to stay in school.

:: blink ::

I'll just wait right here while the full weight of the idiocy sinks in.

Actually, maybe they are right. After all, the entire American Public Education System is about as socialistic as you can possibly get.

- Everything is paid for with YOUR TAX DOLLARS.
- The curriculum, textbooks and criteria for graduation is determined by the STATE BOARD OF EDUCATION.
- The teachers, administrators, managers and regulators are all EMPLOYEES OF THE STATE.

If the conservatives had their way, there would be no "public option" for educating your children.

In a true Free Market society, there would only be private schools competing for students.

If you couldn't afford the hefty tuition required to pay for teacher salaries, textbooks, classroom infrastructure and supplies, then you're kids would just be fucked.

They wouldn't get an education. Because they don't deserve one.

Because you suck for being poor. It's your fault your kids will only be able to work in the same unregulated factories and mines that you work in. LOSER!

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