Tuesday, January 05, 2010

My Gadgetriffic 2010!

Enough talk about death! Let's talk about toys!

Here is the short list of shit I'm going to be getting with my tax return in what I like to call Gadgetriffic 2010!

Nexus One (the Google phone) $180.oo for T-Mobile customers like me.

Just introduced today! I'm finally going to bite the bullet and get a 3G phone. I'm especially intrigued by the voice recognition and the integration of built in GPS with Google Maps. Just tell it where you want to go and using your current GPS position it will map out a route for you. Fucker will even show you the Google Maps street view of your destination when you get close. Email, Internet, 5 mega pixel camera, MP3 player, all kinds of shit. Rumor has it, you can even make phone calls with it! Fuckin', sweet! I'm gettin' one.

250 GB Sony PlayStation 3 $350.00

I originally just wanted a Blu-Ray DVD player, but my friends convinced me that I would get more digital bang for my buck with a PS3.

Product Features

Next-generation gaming
Opens up new worlds of high-definition gaming intensity with astonishing graphics and audio.

Lighter, slimmer design
Fits easily into your home and your life to expand your entertainment horizons.
250GB internal hard drive
Provides massive storage for games, music, videos and other media.

Built-in Wi-Fi
Makes it easy to connect to the Internet for exciting additional entertainment options.

Blu-ray Disc player
Delivers pristine picture quality and an incredible high-definition viewing experience.

DVD up scaling
Brings your favorite DVDs to life on screen in high definition, so you can enjoy them in a new way

PlayStation Network membership
Gives you access to a wealth of online services, including free online gaming, game, movie and TV show downloads, music, movie and photo streaming, text and voice chat and more.

DUALSHOCK 3 wireless controller
Puts high-intensity gaming power into the palm of your hands.

HDMI output for 1080p resolution
Ensures that visuals come alive with incredible depth and clarity on your high-definition screen.

7.1 audio
Envelops you in the sound of your favorite movies and games, immersing you fully in the viewing or gaming experience.

Boxee Box Under $200.00

"As described in D-Link's official press release, "The Boxee Box by D-Link reinterprets what TV should be. The Boxee Box delivers movies, TV shows, music, and photos from a user's computer, home network, and the Internet to their HDTV with no PC needed. Additionally, Boxee's core social features make it easy for friends to discover new content from each other through social networks like Facebook, Twitter, and more.

Some of the entertainment destinations that will be available as apps on Boxee will include Netflix, Pandora, Last.fm, and Next New Networks. And just like the Boxee software for your computer, users can add RSS feeds, XML feeds, or install other apps onto the box of their favorite Internet entertainment destinations."

Adobe Flash 10.1
H.264 (MKV, MOV)

Dolby Digital
Ogg Vorbis


So for less than $750 I am going to be wired and networked to the fucking gills! Anything I can access from my 3G phone, DVDs, home computing Wi-Fi network or the Internet I can access from my big ass HD TV!



kcmeesha.com said...

voice recognition doesn't work for me.it just keeps mocking me.good luck with your gadgets, to be honest the phone is the only one I'd go for.I suck at games and boxee doesn't seem very useful, I never find a need to move any content to a TV, I own a netflix roku box and it does what I need.

Donna said...

Whoa! Cliff is needing a phone and we're Tmobile. Only trouble is, he's not very techie. He'd probably get lost with that phone.
The Boxie box looks interesting, too.

May said...

Sweetness! We still need to watch the Watchmen extended version sometime by the way...