Friday, April 30, 2010

Comic Book Thor vs. Movie Thor

So Kenneth Branagh is directing "Thor" as part of the Marvel movie arc leading up to "The Avengers".

This is the classic Silver Age version of the Nordic God of Thunder.

OK, that blue, sleeveless, spandex outfit with the bright yellow belt & leggings and pointless silver circular things on his chest?

Yeah there ain't no way to make that shit work on the big screen.

In much the same way that this Silver Age Batman

would never work on the modern Big Screen and needed to be reimagined as The Dark Knight.

Luckily, Marvel has, on occasion, reimagined Thor. As in this badass version:

Which seems to be the inspiration for this first pic of Chris Hemsworth in costume as Thor:

I think this is going to work.


Anonymous said...

Thats all sooooooooooooooo gay!

Sincerely, Diana

emawkc said...

I applaud the director and producer for taking the bold and progressive step of having a gay leading superhero character. It's about time.

David Scholes said...

Hemsworth looks better than I thought he would. Seems to look the part.

I’ve been a Marvel Thor fan since 1962 and also a long time Marvel fan fiction writer:

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May said...

Looks pretty good. I'm excited to see the movie even tho I haven't read many comics on Thor. He still kicks ass.

Logtar said...

Diana, a chubby for this movie does not make anyone gay!