Thursday, April 08, 2010

The Sixties Are Over. Again.

Billy Jack (Tom Laughlin) was the hippie's Chuck Norris.

The character of Billy Jack first appeared in 1967's "Born Losers".

That was followed by the Billy Jack movies, "Billy Jack", "The Trial of Billy Jack" and, yes, wait for it, "Billy Jack Goes to Washington".

I gotta say, at the time, they were very popular movies. We were all pacifist, stoner hippies and here you had this half Native American (the character, not the actor), ex Green Beret (the character, not the actor), mystic-warrior (the character, not the actor) who REALLY WANTED to be peaceful, but understood that sometimes a roundhouse kick to the face was the only way to convey PEACE!

He was the hippie super hero.

"Yeah, we're all peaceful and shit. But if you fuck with us, Billy Jack will kick your ass so we can stay all focused on being non-violent."

But the 60's are over.

You know how I know?

Because you can buy an iconic, wool felt, Billy Jack hat, personally certified by Tom Laughlin (SRP $529.00) for only $500.00! If you would prefer a fur felt hat, you can email Tom Laughlin at and he can make that happen. For considerably more money.

Oh, and there is a shipping charge.

Wait for it...

$75.00 fucking dollars! To ship a goddamn hat!

For that amount of money I should be able to ship a gold brick with Priority Overnight, 10am Next Day shipping.

It's a fucking hat!

A hat that would only look somewhat in place if you used it to cover the "business up front" part of your mullet at the next Santa Cali Gon Days Festival.

So yeah. The sixties are officially over with a fatal roundhouse kick to the face delivered by Billy Jack.


emawkc said...

What's the SRP on a Xavier Onassis certified black Kangol? That's the hat I'm interested in.

Joe said...

Y'know X, a man's gotta eat.

Midtown Miscreant said...

Where can I get one of those official XO poly yellow blazers at?

I think Billy Jack went on to become a congressman for awhile didnt he?

Snowbrush said...

Man, that's low. Just when you think you can at least trust a half-breed Vietnam vet who protects helpless and peaceful children and minorities, he tries to stick you for $600+ for a hat. I guess I'll be keeping the ESPN cap that I found by the side of the road.

steven75647 said...

for 45$ U can make U a Billy Jack hat send me 575$ an I'll tell U how...