Saturday, July 03, 2010


So Nina (the best and last great love of my life) and I had big plans today to kick off the holiday.

First up was a little live music with Mama Ray's Open Blues Jam at BB's Lawnside BBQ. Or, as my BFF likes to call it "old people fun".

Next was attending Vince and Linda's wedding in Excelsior Springs followed by some clubbing in KC.

The first part went very well! She had never been before and enjoyed it very much. We listened to a couple of sets, had some beer battered shrimp and a couple of drinks.

Then we headed back to my place to freshen up and get ready for the wedding.

We were south bound on Troost in her PT Cruiser at about 93rd St. when the wing just behind the passenger side rear window EXPLODED showering the interior of the car with shards of glass.

It took us both a second to fathom what had happened but it seemed pretty clear to both of us that we had been shot at.

Nina was screaming for me to pull over, but I kept driving until we were clear of the kill zone. Then we pulled over and called 911.

The KCPD arrived and a discussion ensued as to the cause of the incident. The po po favored the random kicked up road debris theory whereas we were quite adamant that a person or persons unknown fucking shot at us.

Cop: "Why do you think someone would be shooting at you?"

Me: "Umm, because we're at 93rd and Troost, it's the 4th of July weekend and people with guns like to get liquored up and do stupid shit?"

Cop: "Are you 100% certain it was a gunshot and couldn't have been anything else?"

Me: "I'm 100% certain that in 54 years I've never had an automobile window spontaneously EXPLODE showering the inside with glass shards. I'm pretty fucking sure about THAT!"

They finally gave us the police report she'll need for her insurance claim and we were done.

But she was too shook up over the incident to continue with our plans, so we just came back home to decompress.

So, sorry we couldn'take it Vince and Linda!


Spyder said...

Been watching for anything from you to see if you were all ok. That really sucks. But glad you are alive & well.

m.v. said...

damn! I waited all day for this post. Conclusions are - you attract trouble, KCPD are morons, I can't believe they even argued with you,and who goes to BBQ place and orders fried shrimp.
I am glad you two were OK. I be the bullet or whatever is still in the car.

Old Fart said...

If it was a bullet, there will either be an "exit point" from the vehicle, or the slug is still inside. Until you find either, the cops were probably correct... and I dislike cops and believe they lie more often than not. I had a 1/3" thick piece of glass on one of my fog lights shattered by "road debris" kicked up by a vehicle.

Glad everyone is ok.

Xavier Onassis said...

Spyder - Everyone is fine. Just shook up. Apparently being shot while driving and having her brains splattered in the car is something she has recurring nightmares about. This incident really wasn't any help at all.

m.v.- We weren't at B's for the BBQ, although it's very good. We were there for the music. She patched the hole with black duct tape and cleaned the glass out of the car and no slug was found. I don't think the bullet ever entered the car. If you look at the picture, it appears that the bullet struck a glancing blow.

Xavier Onassis said...

Old Fart - "the cops were probably correct." If I were really an asshole, I'd make it a personal mission to make sure this is carved in your tombstone. LOL! Just kidding. Honestly though, the contour of the vehicle, the pathof the impact, the FORCE of the impact (we were only travelling 35 mph) make road debris unlikely. That debris would have had to have been more energetic and acrobatic than Lee Harvey Oswald's "magic bullet".

I Travel for JOOLS said...

It sure looks like something scraped the side of the car before smashing the window. I guess I watch too much CSI stuff, but I couldn't rest until I found out what caused the incident. My guess - some kind of fireworks related explosive. Would a bullet have left a large scrape like is shown on the car rather than bouncing off or going through at the point of impact? Doesn't compute.

As an aside, nice to see you have someone new in your life.

Nightmare said...

It wasn't a bullet.

No matter what angle you work up or the neighborhood filled with drunken gun toting wait, at 93rd and Troost, that is a decidedly a Democratic neighborhood, either way, the phantom debris is the correct answer.

If it was a bullet, the door window seam would have a crease in it. and bullets generally don't leave widening scrapes, that go over an aluminum window edge undamaged AND then change direction to bust a window.

That little lip would have deflected the bullet like a ramp and sent it away from the vehicle, also the residue left by the object either starts wide and then narrows, or starts narrow and ends wide. Neither are aspects of bullets.

I could get all snarky and leave some half assed witticism however, I am refraining because I know what it is like to recurring nightmares. Tell her that as a gun owner and hooligan in my 38 years of shooting at stuff including cars, I can saw without a doubt that this was anything BUT a bullet.

Nick said...

In that area? were just west of the GSA/ Marine Corps Finance complex? Just east of a nondescript governmental warehouse to the west? Further south on the warehouse side of Troost is a federal employees credit union and, further south, car rental and repair place? Hmmmm...

That's not a neighborhood per se, just open road bordered by trees on both sides. Really, no neighbors as such to get liquored up and do stupid things.

The place is infested with dwarfs however.

Jes' sayin'...

Nuke718 said...

I have my doubts about it being a bullet, but the shock and stress was the same either way. SMASH "Fuck what is happening to us" "Run for IT!"

I am glad you and your sweetie are both OK.

Dan said...

Sorry, Dude. I was a little buzzed, I saw you driving by, and my glock was in my hand, so I decided to have a little fun. I thought you would think it was funny - heck, it was just the back window. You pampered suburbanites need to toughen up or stay in your gated subdivisions.

Banky said...


Midtown Miscreant said...

a bullet wouldnt have made a huge crater on entry, exit yes, going in it would have made a smallish hole. My guess, either a meth head with a wrist rocket, or one of those giant bottle rockets. I cant buy the cops theory about a rock or some shit flipping up suddenly going horizontal. good you are both okay.