Saturday, September 04, 2010

An Open Letter To President Obama

NAH! I'm just fuckin' with ya all!

There ain't no Open Letter.

It's all good! Keep up the good work Dems! The more rabid the Tea Baggers get the more confident I am that we're moving in the right direction.

The sputtering rage of hordes of ignorant, closet rascist, right wing Fox-zombies is a pretty good compass to move us forward. As long as we keep them in our rear view mirror we are making progress.

Yours in Christ,

Xavier Onassis.


Radioman KC said...

I wish that was true. I don't think the dems are motivated to vote this fall.

Too many people are just pissed off and they've completely forgotten it was deregulation Republicans that did it.

Luckily Obama can veto anything serious the Republicans pass if they take control of the house.

I think the Dems need to get some stuff done during the lame duck session if they lose control. They only half-assed the health care solution. We needed that public option to break the Insurance Cartel and it didn't happen.

The GOP has one effective propaganda machine going and democrats just aren't nasty enough to counter it. We have to damned near go into a Depression to vote Republicans out. We did. I'm not sure how much more 'compassionate capitalism' we can take and stay a viable country.

The party of NO will bring us to a halt. Have you noticed that Germany and China are GROWING? Just not us? Banks just don't want to loan any money here. They screwed the pooch with all those Bush era bad loans.

And then the GOP was mad because the US government decided to save the country and be the bank of last resort, since the REAL bankers refused?

Next time, lets let the big banks fail and just set up a Federal Bank. And state banks. Screw the big ones. We need to GUT Wall Street because it doesn't invest in's just a Wall Street gambling house for speculators.

No we need LOTS more leadership from democrats or they'll be standing there holding their dix after the fall election. The Oil Spill happened at a bad time, distracting us. The dems lost the initiative and the Republicans got it back.

I think we'll see some shock and awe from the Republicans... that's how they win elections! Lord knows, they don't have the answers to America's problems! That's not what they do. Their job is to stupify the government so corporations can do what they please without supervision.

Xavier Onassis said...

Here's the deal.

The Republicans keep shooting themselves in the foot by dumbing down their base.

Barry Goldwater and William F. Buckley were intellectuals. "Elitists" by modern conservative standards because they were, ya know, smart and educated.

The First Great Dumbing Down of the GOP came with Reagan. He was an idiot. But, he was an actor!

Fucking brilliant!

After the Nixon disaster, the Republicans determined that what they needed was an actor who could take direction and follow a script!

Thus began the pandering to the lowest common denominator of the American intellect.

Dan Quayle.

George W. Bush.

Sarah Palin.

Glenn Beck.

They just keep dumbing themselves down.

I expect the next GOP front runner to be a turnip in a tight race with a rock.

I Travel for JOOLS said...

The problem with some democrats is that they rely on their rear view mirror and forget about their blind spots.

Causes a lot of fatal wrecks.