Tuesday, October 18, 2011

OK, So This May Have Been a Mistake

Great news!

Since last Thursday I have been getting around without a knee brace or cane. It's been ages since I had to ice down my knee or take ibuprofen. Hell, I even went to the KC RenFest on Sunday and was negotiating rough, uneven terrain like a champ!

So I made a decision. My work shoes and the orthotics in them have needed replacing for a very long time. I figured as long as my right knee and left foot were getting used to moving normally again, this would be the perfect time to upgrade the footware. No sense in my joints getting used to the old decrepit shoes. If they are going to adjust, they should adjust to the new stuff!

So last night I stopped at Walmart and let that robotic/scale Dr. Scholl's machine thing recommend a new set of orthotics.

This morning I put them into my worn out old shoes and headed into work. The new orthotics felt pretty good so I decided to go balls to the wall! At lunch I headed up to Bob Jones Shoes and got me a pair of Clarks Axl Mocs. Switched the orthotics to the new shoes and commenced to breaking them in!

This completely changed by base platform. Every muscle from my feet to my hips have been yelling "WTF?" all day long.

So now, I'm sitting at my desk, knee reeking of Ben Gay, wrapped in an ace bandage and a bag of frozen peas. I've got 4 ibuprofen in me. The cane and knee brace are strategically placed next to my bed in case I need them in the morning.

But come hell or high water, I'm wearing the new shoes and new orthotics again tomorrow and will continue to do so until everything restabilises.

Despite tonight's dire report, I am much better than I have been in months.


Faith said...

Aw, I'm so sorry to hear you're in so much pain, XO! Are you at the point of considering knee replacement? Have you seen a chiro at all for help? ::hugs::

Xavier Onassis said...

Faith -Actually, I'm SOO much better! Yesterday's pain is gone. Today was a good day. Haven't seen a chiro and not considering replacing anything at this point.

You know that scene from Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers where Gandalf removes Saruman's spell from King Theoden? The age falls off of him and he regains his youthful vigor? That's how I feel since losing the cane and the knee brace!