Thursday, November 10, 2011


I've been blogging for too long.

I don't have anything left to say.

Everytime I think I have something to say, I have to search my own blog to make sure I haven't already said it.

99% of the time, I've already said it more than once.

Pick any news story and I'm sure you already know how I will respond to it.

Which brings me to this post and this challenge.

Pick any topic or any news story and write a blog post that you think I would write. Include any images you think I would include. You are in charge.

I won't edit your post and I will publish whatever you submit. All I ask is that you allow me to include a link to your blog, or twitter account or Facebook page so that people know who the true author is. I won't publish posts from anonymous trolls unless they are really good.

This is your chance to parody me, make fun of me, ridicule me, humiliate me, whatever the fuck you want.

Submit your...submissions, to



sue hanes said...

XO - What do you mean you are giving up blogging.

I read your great, intelligent comments and you are one of the best.

With all that is happening in this country - sometimes I think the only hope left is bloggers.

I'm not giving up - and I hope you don't either.

Please, XO.

It's people like you that we need to speak out.

You aren't going to let Joe win, are you?

Fiery said...

I know the feeling. Sometimes you just get to a point in your life where it's been said, either by you, or by someone else even better than you could think of. Or worse, by some piss-weak little shit dribbler who made a hash of it and now you're embarrassed to be thinking similar thoughts.

For me, I have to be inspired to write, and that usually only happens when I am intensely unhappy. Unfortunately for my blog, I have met someone very special and my angst muse has deserted me, fickle bitch that she is.

Please don't delete your blog, you never know when you'll get your shorts in a twist and have to vent and I can't wait to read it.

I love your blog and hope you find your inspiration again. I will sincerely miss your curmudgeony, grumpy, old arse so stay in touch!!!