Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Personally, I Welcome Our Boston Dynamic/DARPA Overlords

Boston Dynamics and DARPA are creating some of the most advanced and terrifying robots ever seen.

They are creating robotic vehicles, insects, dogs, horses, cheetahs and humans that can go anywhere and do anything!.

You have to see this to believe it. Keep in mind, that all of these robots could be powered by clusters of nuclear RTGs, and equipped with advanced surveillance techniques like facial recognition, GPS Navigation, anywhere on Earth or in the Solar System!

They can also be weaponized.

Here is the Boston Dynamics "RiSE", an insect-like robot that can climb walls.

Here is the Boston Dynamics "RHex" all-terrain robot.

Here is the Boston Dynamics "Urban Hopper" that can jump fences on the run.

Here is the Boston Dynamics "Sand Flea" that can launch itself into a 2nd story window.

Here is the Boston Dynamics "Little Dog". So cute and agile! It even has a friendly little handle on it's back!

Here is the Boston Dynamic "Big Dog". Not so cute.

Here is the Boston Dynamic "Alpha Dog". More like a robotic Percheron.

Then there is the Boston Dynamics robotic Cheetah that can run at 18 MPH!

Finally, there is the Boston Dynamics Mark I Terminator Prototype.

Us lowly meat puppets are well and truly fucked.


Faith said...

I don't know whether I welcome them so much. (I can't deny that they are doing some truly amazing things!)

I DO think I'd like to send them some homemade baked goods now and then. Seems like it'd be in my best interest to be on their good side, is all.

Anonymous said...

If only they were not from Boston.
I hate Boston.

Anonymous said...

For some reason I have not been able to post a comment on a Blogspot blog under my blog name, 'Aquarians love to you know what' for two days now.
Is it me, or is Blogger screwed?

sue hanes said...

XO - That's the first time that a post of yours has SCARED me.

Back to yer great photos - Please.

sue hanes said...