Tuesday, June 19, 2012

I Love Living Here!

So, I get home from work tonight to find that the strong winds had snapped a tree in half which has fallen over and blocked my driveway. If my daughter's Blazer had been parked there, like it usually is, the tree would have fallen right on top of it.

That would have sucked. But, because it wasn't parked there and the people I rent from are FUCKING AWESOME, by the time I got home they had already trimmed away the part of the tree blocking my driveway.

If I owned my home, I'd have had to deal with calling my homeowner's insurance to file a claim, hire someone to come and clear away the fallen tree and be faced with a great deal of unbudgeted, out of pocket expense.

But because I rent from awesome landlords, it was mostly a non-event. I didn't have to call and tell them about it. I didn't have to ask them to do anything. They just fucking took care of shit so that I wouldn't be inconvenienced in any way.

Fuck a bunch of home ownership. Never again.


Joe said...

My ex was going to take the condo and I'd be free from ownership. That was the plan. She changed her mind and it looks like I'll be getting the condo after all. At least if there's an outside problem I just call the HOA. Nothing I haven't done in the past.

I Travel for JOOLS said...

Glad you have such good landlords.

By the way, if you had owned the home, forget about calling your insurance company. The tree clean up would have been on your nickel since insurance doesn't cover tree damage. It only covers the dwelling if the tree hits it. Your owners might get a tax break for the clean up since it is rental property - not sure about that.

Faith said...

Not true, JOOLS. We had a tree fall in our backyard a few weeks back. Fortunately, it only fell into our pool and not our house, but it did take our part of a stone wall, and a patio table when it fell.

Our deductable is $1000. So after dealing with that, the clearing of the tree ($700), removal of the stump ($300), and replacement of the tree and table (appx $400, if we got one that was half the size of the previous tree, and about $400 for the table), we'd have had about $800 worth of help from our insurance company on the deal.

We wound up getting a decent deal from our tree guy, and have worked out a deal with the people responsible for the tree falling over (long story) to replace it, but just wanted to give the example that HOI does, indeed, cover shit like this, even if it doesn't hit the house/damage any items.

XO, I'm glad this worked out well for you! And that GTO's car wasn't there to get squished. Awesome landlords you have there! It's nice to hear that good people still exist in this world...

sue hanes said...

XO - They must have believed that they have a tenent worth being good too.

I'm glad your daughter's car is ok and that it workds out for you - so well.

Anonymous said...

Hey, XO

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