Sunday, June 03, 2012

My Dad's WWII Merchant Marine Years

I visited with my step-mom this afternoon and came back with (among other things) a couple of cardboard ROI-TAN cigar boxes.

One formerly held "50 Falcons" and was labelled "Merchant Marine".

The other formerly held ""50 Perfectos Extra" and was labelled "Army".

Here are some photos and tidbits from my Dad's WWII service in the Merchant Marines.  Most of which seem to revolve around drinking with his ship mates.

More later.

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Ducky's here said...

I found a bunch of old photos in the attic after my dad passed. Unfortunately he didn't leave any notations on the backs so many are a mystery.

There's a twelve man unit posing with a sign identifying just "Radio Section, Headquarters Battery".
Just kids but pretty sharp. Sarge must have been a stickler for field hygiene.

Don't know where they were located. Somewhere in the South Pacific, all lost to history now.