Sunday, September 16, 2012

Jesse James, Black Powder Shoots and Mountain Men

Oddly enough, there were two, count 'em - two, black powder shoots yesterday. The first one was at the Jesse James Farm. Apparently it's an annual thing.

Jesse was originally buried in his front yard, although the body longer on the property. This Jesse's newer, modern headstone.

This was the somewhat less ostentatious original.

I got there too late for the actual shooting, but I did get some photos of the shooters.

The second shoot was at the 2nd Annual Big Muddy Mountain Man Rendezvous at the Big River Ranch just outside Lexington, MO.

Oh, and here's a motherfucking cloud.


sue hanes said...

XO - As usual - good photos. Plenty of detail and - well - just interesting.

I'm always glad when I've checked yer blog.

Anonymous said...

Good shots once again like your work.

man XO your thing to prove I am not a robot a real pain several other sites have it but no where near as big a pain as yours is.