Monday, February 13, 2006

Cheney Violates Cardinal Rule of Hunting - Yahoo! News

Cheney Violates Cardinal Rule of Hunting - Yahoo! News

He may have violated a Cardinal Rule of Hunting, but he absolutely obeyed the Cardinal Rule of Dubya's Administration: Shoot first (before assessing the situation), then worry about spinning it to the press.

I find it beyond belief that for the first time since Aaron Burr killed Alexander Hamilton, a Vice President of the United States shot someone and the press wasn't alerted for 18 hours! When they were finally alerted, it wasn't by the Administration, it was by the person on whose property it occured. Since then, the Vice President has avoided the press like an altar boy avoiding a Priest!

I'm not even sure this was an accident. This administration is so full of knee-jerk hot-heads, it wouldn't surprise me at all to learn that Whittington said something the VP disagreed with so he just turned around and popped a cap in his ass. After all, if anything the President wants to do is inherently legal (like wiretapping American citizens without a warrant), doesn't the same priveledge extend to the VP? Can't he shoot at anybody he wants to just because? I mean c'mon, if you can't just blast a shotgun at anyone you want, what's the point of being Vice President?

This whole incident is just such a perfect parable to the situation in Iraq that I find it hard to add much commentary.

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