Monday, February 13, 2006

Sly To Tour With Family Stone Again!

This fucking rocks!!

For me, the defining moment of the sixties/seventies was watching Sly and The Family Stone in the Woodstock Movie (I was just 14 when Woodstock occured and wasn't hip enough to know what was going on and actually BE there).

Watching half a million people do the "call and response" to his "HIGHER" while throwing up the peace sign! Man!

Still gives me chills! And Cynthia Robinson on trumpet inspired me to pick up that instrument. I sucked. But to this day, all I want to do is play like she played on "I WantTake To Take You Higher". If I never played anything else, I'd want to play that one little solo.

For what it's worth, it was Santana that made me take up the congas. I gave up the trumpet years ago. But I still play the congas!

Come back Sly! We need you! Love the hair!

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