Wednesday, February 01, 2006


We can't have people wearing T-SHIRTS with ANTI-WAR messages around the President!

Definitely a threat to National Security!


Quinntronics said...

Spit-on-the-grave-of-her-son-Sheehan wasn't the only one arrested. REPUBLICAN Rep. Bill Young's wife was also arrested for wearing a "Support our troops," t-shirt.

The policy covers inappropriate attire in the House during official functions, not necessarily any political messages your t-shirt may say... just the fact you're not supposed to wear a t-shirt like someone from say Wyandotte County, or worse, Liberty! :-)

Let's try to dress up a bit, eh?

Xavier Onassis said...

Point taken. The news about Young's wife didn't come out till later. Capitol Police later said both arrests were mistakes.

At first, I thought Sheehan was just out of her mind with grief and would eventually get over it.

I've since decided there are two other more likely scenarios:

1. In her grief, she has allowed herself to be blatantly manipulated by (I'm sorry to say) folks on the left


2. She's just plain batshit crazy.