Saturday, March 04, 2006

Bush and Blair Screw The Pooch

"The Sunday Telegraph said the planned pull-out followed an acceptance by the two governments that the presence of foreign troops in Iraq was now a large obstacle to securing peace."

Well DUH!!

How many people with over 32 brain cells didn't see this coming years ago?

Like it ot not, the only thing that kept the ethnic and religious factions who were shoe-horned together by British cartographers after WWI were dictators like Saddam.

We came in and tore this country up! No real reason. We just wanted to. There were no WMD. No connection to 9/11. None!

Now, when things get tough, we are ready to say "Ya know, this is YOUR problem, not ours. Good luck! See ya at the U.N.!"

We went into Afghanistan after 9/11 because that was where the terrorist that attcked us were trained. That was a good call! Made sense.

But extending the war to Iraq was idiocy. Saddam had been effectively contained. He was no threat to anyone. He was an impotent despot fenced in by sanctions.

But that wasn't good enough for Dubya. He wanted REVENGE!

So he bullyed what Allies he could and did what he wanted to do despite the total and complete lack of any real justification.

Such is the arrogance of this Presidency.

Now, with Sunni and Shiite at each other's throats; with foreign insurrgents stoking the fires of unrest; the rebuilding of Iraq's shattered infrastructure safely in the hands of American contractors posied to make billion$; we are now ready to walk away from the mess we created and say "Good luck! Don't forget to write! Luv ya!"

Is it any wonder that the rest of the world hates us?

Personally, I don't blame them. I am embarassed by this administration. It will take a century to repair the damage that Dubya has done in just six years. Unfortunately, we have two more to go before the healing can begin.

I won't be surprised at all when, a few years from now, the U.N. is calling for a former President of The United States to be called before the International Court of Justice and charged with Crimes Against Humanity.

It's gonna happen. I guarantee it.

How proud will you Right-Wing, Fox-watchin', Limbaugh-listnin', anti-intellectual, pro-choice, home-schoolin', firearm-stockpilin', tobacco-chewin', book-banning, lawsuit-filing, pencil-necked pin-heads be when George W. Bush is sitting in the docket in The Haugue wearing translator headphones and that typically dazed look on his face wondering "Where's Karl? What's going on? I don't understand!"

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