Thursday, March 02, 2006

Let it burn!! Who cares?

I heard this story this morning and my jaw thumped to the floor everytime I heard them say "Historic Downtown Overland Park".

Huh?? What?!?

First of all, I didn't even know Overland Park HAD a "downtown". I still seriously doubt it. If people from Johnson County like it, go there and feel safe there, then it ain't no "downtown".

Secondly, what the fuck can possibly be "historical" about a city with the word "Park" in it's name? What is their claim to "historical" status? Home of the first, all white, exclusive, gated golf club west of the Missouri River?

Now, Shawnee Mission is "historical" because they have a history of oppressing Native Americans and Christianizing them against their will and forcing them to speak only English. Much like the Bush Administration hopes to do with Muslims everywhere.

For the most part, all of Johnson County is just a sprawl of strip malls and housing additions where all of the houses look alike and are spaced about 3 feet apart, all of them filled with affluent, white morons who are incapable of any form of critical thought. That's why they listen to conservative talk they'll have something to parrot to their other white friends at work without having to actually think about anything.


Eric said...

For years I thought people were talking about Corporate Woods when they said "Downtown Overland Park." 'Cause it has the (relatively) tall buildings. Then I spent half a Saturday night driving around the office parks trying to find this stupid bar where I was supposed to meet some friends in "downtown" OP. Turned out to be full of KU droids anyway.

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