Monday, July 24, 2006

Independence, Guns, Mormons and Brit's

"We signed two forms. One was agreeing that I was who I said I was. One was agreeing that I wouldn't point the gun anywhere I shouldn't. No I.D. was needed. No computer database was checked. A gun was produced and a very quick demo of how to load it was provided."

"I wasn't too worried as luckily the gun they gave me was just like the one Eddie Murphy used in Beverly Hills Cop. I felt confident I knew what I was doing. The only difference was this one, even with its "flush fit" magazine, could only hold 15 rounds, whereas Eddie's clearly held about 93 in that movie."

An excellent post by a "local" blogger. Go read this post for a transplanted Englishman's view of life in the mid-west. He hit the nail on the head.