Saturday, August 19, 2006

Bush giving IRS records to Collection Agencies

Just one more step in the Bush Administration's agenda to take away all rights to any privacy.

You Bush supporters OK with this? You get behind on your taxes some and Dubya turns your I.R.S. returns over to the same folks that hunt you down over your past due credit cards.

He won't do that to his rich buddies who owe a LOT of taxes...just folks like you and me.

That's O.K. with you? Really?

When is enough enough? When does it become clear that this president DOES NOT have the best interest of the American people at heart?

When do people begin to wake up to the fact that he has repeatedly violated his oath to "uphold and defend the Constitution"?

Are the Bushbots really such narrow minded simpletons that they can't see how he is detroying everything that America used to stand for and turning us into a Stalinist Police State?

Your phone calls are tapped. Your emails are intercepted and read. Your web-browsing is scrutinized. Your library records are monitored. Your banking activity is transparent. You are videotaped 24/7.

And now, even your most detailed financial records, which you are required by law to foreclose to the government, can be made available to private companies for their profit.

"Home Of The Free"? Not anymore. Not thanks to this president.


Echele said...

Right on. I see it. It's all fine and good now isn't it...until what's right now is wrong later...and all of a sudden it's you that's wrong but you thought you were right...but wait...wait...I didn't do anything wrong...yes...yes, you did....who says???? They did....and you can't do a damn thing about it. Not now and not later b/c you let your rights slowly be chipped away b/c....oh, whats the big deal if you aren't doing any thing wrong, whats the big deal if there are cameras at every traffic light, ATM, drug store and shitter in town? It's for everyone's protection isn't it. Yeeeeaaaah. Sure. That must be it.

Anonymous said...

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