Saturday, August 19, 2006

Scientists Disagree On Link Between Storms, Warming

GOOD! This is way science is supposed to work!

Science isn't like religion. There is no Supreme Authority or Ancient Book that tells everyone what to think.

Scientists form a hypothosis, conduct experiments designed to confirm or deny their hypothosis, and publish the results of the experiment for all to see and attempt to repeat.

Experimental results that disprove a theory are just as valued, if not more so, than results that prove a theory to be true.

Scientists follow the facts, wherever they lead.

This is why science is superior to faith, dogma and religion in general.

Science is self-correcting. If something is proven to be false or even unprovable, it is cast aside.

Only in the arena of religion are beliefs that are so easily proven false clinged to like some child's security blanket; never, EVER to be cast aside in favor of reality.

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SmedRock said...

Ofcourse, under this administration, you add a dash of politics, and a sprinkle of religion, as wa-la! Crazy.

I have run up against this phenomenon in my current class, where religious 'fanatcics', not all are, but you know a few, honestly belive the earth is only 6000 years old, and evolution cannot happen.

This is a college level course mind you! I about passed out.