Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Day Two

Even better today.

That's why there's no clever graphic or picture. Almost anti-climactic.

Woke up this morning feeling really good. Hard to describe. Not as "sluggish".

I don't know all of the medical details, but it felt like I had more oxygen in my blood. How the hell anyone could "feel" that is beyond me. But that's how it felt. More energy. Even worked out a little tiny bit.

I'm liking this.

Immediate benefits! I'm all about immediate benefits! LOL!

But I also know it takes more than 36 hours to repair a lifetime of damage. I'm just encouraged by even a little bit of progres this soon.

There are "habitual" times when I kinda reach for one but then look over and see there's no ashtray, no pack and no lighter. Then the feeling passes with a smile.

Haven't told anyone at work that I quit. Haven't even told my daughter yet. Just the GF and my readers. I'll tell my daughter when I see her this weekend. Might wait a while before springing it on my co-workers. "Oh yeah, didn't I tell you? I quit six months ago? You didn't notice?"

Thanks for all of the support I've recieved. I really appreciate it.

As for emaw, well, ya know. LOL!


emawkc said...


But seriously, good job on quitting. I'm sure your coworkers will notice. I remember a few years ago I suspected I was the reason for a coworker quitting smoking.

I had been in a meeting with this gent, looking at some printed out graphs. I was sitting close enough that I could smell his rancid smokers breath.

I could barely keep from gagging. I was describing the horifying experienc to another coworker, and I think "Charlie" overheard me. The next week, he told me he had stopped smoking.

I felt a little guilty for possibly being an a-hole, but I was glad he quit.

Rusty said...


I'm working on it too....Slowly but surely I'll quit!

Xavier Onassis said...

emaw - I remember once before when I made an attempt to quit. My sense of smell came back. One of my work buddies still smoked. I didn't even have to get within "breath distance". When he came back from a smoke break, he just REEKED! It almost made me gag. I've always been self concious about that.

Rusty - You'll do it when you're ready. Or not. I'm not a born-again-anti-smoking-nazi. But with the patches, it's easier than I thought it would be.

Echele said...

Don't do patches and gum together. Either one or the other unless otherwise prescribed by your MD (which it wouldn't be). It would be Nicotine Overload and could cause arrhythmias = not good for your heart. Also if you find yourself needing an additional edge off you try Wellbutrin AKA Bupropion - smoking wonder drug for some - separates you from the addiction and withdrawl symptoms and you can use it in conjunction with the patch as well and it enables you not to use the patch as long too (It's also a happy pill). Food for thought, if you are interested. I'm like a walking smoking support group, just give me a hollar. lol...keep it up! It's the nurse talking!

Xavier Onassis said...

echele - Actually, my doc told me to do Wellbutrin for 2 weeks before I quit, then go to a patch every day to keep the low-level background nicotine urge under control, and use the gum for STRONG cravings.

I passed on the Wellbutrin after I read up on the possible side effects. Smoked my last cigarette at 6:30am last Monday, slapped on my first patch when I got out of the shower.

I do use the gum when I'm home in the evenings and having a little cocktail or after supper. It helps.

But there ain't no way in hell a 21mg patch delivered over 24 hours and a 4mg piece of gum is gonna bring me anywhere close to the amount of nicotine in my system when I smoked.

I had heart palps and chest pains when I smoked. Those are gone now. The patch and gum together ain't shit compared to what I was doing to myself.

I appreciate your concern and trust your expertise, but the bottom line is, I've been smoke free since Monday morning.

In the months before I quit, I honestly felt that any given day could be my last. It was that bad. Five days after quitting, I feel so much better it's hard to describe.

I'm so full of hope, I think I might actually live long enough for the long-term effects of smoking to kill me instead of the short-term effects!

How's that for sunny-optimism? LOL!

Echele said...


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