Monday, September 04, 2006

The Madness Of King George

It's all around you.

"More than 60 percent of those surveyed said government policies need either major changes or a complete overhaul, while 30 percent said minor changes were needed. Only 7 percent said no change is necessary." XO - The Democrats WILL regain control of the House and MAY even regain control of the Senate in just 60 days!! Cowboy diplomacy is on it's way to the trash bin of history! Yee Haw! BTW, that 7% that thought everything was just fine...that was Kansas.

"U.S. foreign policy is furthering terrorism in the Muslim world, and negotiations are the only way to resolve the impasse over Iran's nuclear ambitions, former Iranian President Mohammad Khatami told CNN while on a two-week visit to the United States. Asked what he would tell President Bush if he could speak with him, Khatami replied: "I would tell him that the United States, with all of its might and resources, can, side by side with the good people of the Middle East, bring about a new experience and the creation of democracy and the advancement of democracy, even though the way to democracy may have been slow originating in the Mideast. With a change of the language going from threats to ... mutual understanding, the United States can have a better position in the region." XO - For every "terrorist" you kill, you create a dozen more. You don't eliminate terrorism by killing them all. That's impossible. You eliminate terrorisim by removing the reasons for them to become terrorists. What are those reasons? Here is thousand years of colonial powers trying to dictate to them what they can and can't do. I know that would piss me off.

"U.S. warplanes mistakenly strafed Canadian troops fighting Taliban forces in southern Afghanistan, killing one soldier and seriously wounding five on Monday in an operation that NATO claims has also left 200 insurgents dead." XO - Now we are even killing our ALLIES. Making more enemies and killing the few friends you have left seems, I don't know...ill advised?

"Marine battalion heads to Iraq for fourth time Tears flow as loved ones bid goodbye to unit members in Twentynine Palms" XO - Four tours of combat in a country we never should have invaded in the first place? Tell me again how much our president respects our "national treasure"?

The Madness Of King George will soon be over.


Happy In Bag said...

XO- I just finished reading James Fallows' analyis of the war on terror in the September issue of the Atlantic. He argues that the situation is really much less dire that you (hysterically) suggest. Yer pal, HiB

emawkc said...

"Now we are even killing our ALLIES"

Don't be fooled, XO. This is part of Bush's clandestined war against Canada, an effort to get at their stockpile of tarsands that we can turn into oil.

You remember what Don Corleone said, keep your friends close, and your enemies closer.