Monday, October 09, 2006

Woman wants to 'unadopt' troubled boy

As a former foster parent whose last marriage was destroyed by inviting The State Of Missouri into his home, I can understand how she feels.


Heather said...

While what this woman says makes sense, should we treat troubled kids like used cars?

There has to be a better answer other than returning him to the system that's obviously messed up.

Xavier Onassis said...

Heather - I agree, in principal. But I know from personal experience, that when a kid has been in foster care since 2nd grade and has been bounced from home to home, when he comes to you as a can't fix him. There just isn't enough love or time to fix the damage that has been done.

One year, or even two, just isn't enough to repair the damage that has been done over a lifetime.

Spyder said...

XO- I agree with you as we've been there, also. An eight year old, that has been in the system since the age of 2, knows how to work that system. It nearly destroyed our marriage. We had to make the heart breaking decision to return her to her foster parents. We just weren't equipped to handle her severe chemical imbalances. We tried and failed, failed her, and failed us. So we are sticking to 4 legged furry children.