Wednesday, October 11, 2006


Faith over at Frighteningly Uncommon Sense (and humble winner of a Pitch Best of 2006 Award) posted this about her recent experience searching for health insurance.


One of my favorite subjects!

Here is their business model. It's FUCKING GENIUS!!

"You pay us a buttload of money, on a regular basis for a service that we never have to provide.

IF we all of a sudden have to actually GIVE YOU SOMETHING in return for your money, we're going to start charging you more for doing nothing. If that doesn't discourage you from just handing us money, we will just refuse to do business with you all together."

If grocery stores adopted this business model, you would go in once a week, write them a check, and leave without any groceries.

If you started actually carrying out groceries in exchange for your cash, the manager would yell "Hey! What the fuck are you doing?!?

“I’m buying groceries!” you reply. “I just paid for them. Now I’m taking them home!”

“But those are OUR groceries! How are we going to stay in business if you keep taking OUR FUCKING GROCERIES?? All right! You’ve been a good customer. We'll let you go THIS TIME! But next time those groceries will cost you 75% more! Pull a stunt like that a third time and you are BANNED FROM THE STORE! Go shop somewhere else, ya fuckin’ low life! And GOOD LUCK because I’m tellin’ all of the other grocery stores what kind of ‘customer’ you really are!"

We are falling behind the other civilized countries in the world. They ALL have Universal Health Care for their citizens. Yes, they pay higher taxes in Europe. But they don’t mind! They LIKE knowing that if they get sick, they won’t also have to be homeless and bankrupt just to line the pocket of some rich-ass cardiologist or surgeon.

I haven’t actually researched all of this, but it sounds right, so I’m stating it as fact.

Go prove me wrong.

I gotta go fix an artery clogging supper and watch 30 Rock.

Thanks for stopping by. Hugs and kisses.

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