Sunday, January 21, 2007

I just don't think so

I liked Bill Clinton a lot. I miss him. In so many ways he was such a better president than the drooling imbecile that the simpleminded NASCAR crowd has elected twice now.

But I've never cared that much for Hillary. Hillary is a very smart, politically savvy, intelligent and capable legislator. On many levels, I think she would make a great president.

But those folks out there who don't like the Clintons? They REALLY, REALLY don't like the Clintons. They spent 8 years accusing them of everything from petty real estate corruption to outright murder.

To those folks, another 4-8 years of hearing phrases like "The Clinton White House" and "Hillary/Health Care" carry so much baggage that I just don't think she can win. The religious, right-wing, conservative zealots will be so mobilized, and so motivated to prevent another "President Clinton" that even John McCain could win. Not that there is anything wrong with that. I like him too.

But my money is on a Barak Obama for President with Bill Richardson as VP ticket.

Barak has the outsider thing working for him. Richardson is a respected governor, international negotiator and former ambassador. This could be the perfect combination for repairing the damage of the last 6 years. I think this would be an easier sell than bring the Clintons back into the White House.

I mean, if Hillary wins, what the hell are we going to call Bill?

First Gentleman? First Husband? First Spouse? First Penis? First Dude? First Splooge Spiller?

I have no idea.


Faith said...

Ok, how weird is it that I made political comments in my post today without having read yours at all first? Weird. Weird to me, anyway.

Looking at what we might have to choose from on the Rep. side in 2008, I'm more than likely looking for the proper Dem. to vote for, personally. Besides the fact that I'd love to be able to say, "See? SEE? It's a hard job for everyone, dammit!," I'd also like the opportunity to vote once in my life across the party line, and this seems the appropriate time to do so, I think.

Unfortunately, as you'll see in my post today, I find it hard to believe that this country would allow either a woman or a black man to be elected as president. So I personally think that Edwards will wind up being their candidate, and then he'll wind up in the White House. THAT should be a fun 4 years...

I need to read up on all this shit, regardless. I don't wanna walk blindly into this crossing party lines thing, by any means. God, I HATE it when political issues force me to pay attention! Bleh.

travelingal said...

The country is ready for a black president and perhaps a vice president of Mexican descent but not the combination.

White woman president, black vice president? I'd put this at higher odds than the above.

Neither are my choice so my comments are strictly racial and sexist...sounds bad doesn't

Xavier Onassis said...

Faith - it's not weird at all. It is all part of my Master Plan to telepathically control one blog after another in a telekinetic domino-effect blitzkrieg until I achieve my ultimate goal of becoming the Supreme Overlord of the Blogosphere!! Muwhahahahahahaha!! All Hail Lord Xavier!!

Sorry. Had another megalomaniacal moment. They come and go. I'm getting better! Really.

travel - normally I wouldn't post anything this politically incorrect, but you leave me no choice.

Old joke.

Jesse Jackson is talking to God.

Jesse asks, "Tell me Lord, will there ever be a Jewish President?"

God replies, "Not in your lifetime, Jesse."

Jesse says, "How about a woman, Lord. Will we ever have a woman President?"

God replies, "Not in your lifetime, Jesse."

Jesse cries "Well, let me ask you this Lord, will there ever be a BLACK President?"

God replies, "Not in MY lifetime, Jesse."

Bad joke.

But ya know, there was a time when there were openly anti-catholic political parties in this country. But JFK got elected.

The right candidate can overcome that kind of baggage.

Here is why I think an Obama/Richardson ticket could work. And I will apologize upfront for shining a bright light on a lot of not-so-well hidden stereotypes.

Barak Obama's father was from Kenya. His mother is a white woman from Wichita, KS. He was born in Hawaii, went to school in Indonesia and Hawaii.

Talk about melding diverse backgrounds. He's like the Tiger Woods of politics.

Bill Richardson is Hispanic. Really? I didn't know that. Not until it was pointed out to me. BILL RICHARDSON. Not "Alberto Gonzales", or "Jesus Ramirez".

I know that sounds racist, and it is. Because the United States is a racist country.

But the simple fact is that the electorate of this country is much more likely to elect a person of "ethnic diversity" to a political office if it is "sugar coated" and not rubbed in their faces.

So the fact that Obama has no ties to Civil War era slavery, and doesn't play the victimization card (like, say, Al Sharpton), is a plus.

The fact that Bill Richardson has an incredibly Anglo name, is a plus. I mean, good lord, my grade school music teacher and the Choir Leader in my church was named "Bill Richardson". And my closest tie to hispanic culture is learning how to say "dos cervezas aquĆ­, por favor" in high school Spanish class.

Oh yeah, and there is also the fact that both of these guys are incredibly popular, extremely well qualified, have no known skeletons, and actually have a shot at giving this country an Emergency Bat Turn on the world stage and start repairing the ENORMOUS damage that has been done to our reputation and political currency in the last six years.

If this country isn't ready to elect an African American President with a Hispanic Vice President, then by God we sure as fuck should be.

Because God knows, electing elite old Christian white guys with their heads up their asses and guns in their hands really hasn't worked out all that well.

I'm thinkin', let's try something different.

emawkc said...

I'm with you on Richardson's qualifications, XO. They have been well documented.

I'm not sure sure about BO's qualifactions, though. If I were going to vote Democratic, I wouldn't vote for Obamma, not because of his race, but because of his lack of experience.

Faith said...

You can't properly control the blogosphere until you learn the right spelling of "mwahahahahaha," though. You put a random "h" in there, and I'm not sure what the "u" was for. Just sayin'. :P:P:P:P

And I totally get your argument on the Hispanic end of things...Bill Richardson would probably get more votes from the random, old, not-paying-attention-enough-to-know-his-ethnicity folks out there than one might initially expect. Which is sad.

Joe said...

Excellent commentary. I'd vote for the Obama/Richardson ticket just becasue its something different. I too think that Hillary can be a competent president, but there's a lot of people in this country who HATE the Clintons, as you mentioned.

Joshua Xalpharis said...

Has Obama decided one way or the other? Not as if he's ever made an important political decision.. yet.

I think John Edwards is the definition of a pussy. The Kleptocrats in '04 kept cunt-punching at the Kerry/Edwards ticket, and they laid down and took it.

I'd hate to see what Edwards would do if he had to face down a Republican in Congress. Roll over?

I'll vote for Hilary, if she is the Democratic nominee.

I'd love to vote for Richardson, however. This is more out of spite than support, because I would like nothing more than vote for a Hispanic, just to stick it in the craw of all those brown-bashing mongoloids that vote Republican. Hell, I'd vote for a damn homo.

Honestly, I'm holding out for another Gore run. I personally think he's the true successor to Clinton. Hilary may share some of Bill's views, but she doesn't possess a single drop of his charm.

Al learned that lesson the hard way in 2000.

Sure, he won the election in 2000. It was snatched away by Daddy Bush, but if he had shown a little more charm than the smiling corpse of Terri Schiavo, not even a few criminals in the SCOTUS could have taken it away from him. He was golden.

Now that he has an Oscar-nominated movie, Gore is in the perfect position to dominate the field.

After all, we owe the man four years as it is, with an option for four more on top of that.

Still, Hilary is a sufficient alternative. She can spread her legs for Hustler and end global warming on her own. It's still not too late.

hip critic said...

Obama never, because he's not experienced enough. However, he does remind me of the Anti-Christ in "Left Behind".

As for Hillary, I could never get used to calling a former "impeached" Prez the "First Lady".

As for Bush. He will (1)Pull Bin Laden out of a hat from somewhere, (2)Clear up this Iraq deal, and (3) address illegal immigration. EVEN if nobody likes it. He's that kind of Prez. Why? Becuase its best for our country.

Bush will do this (1)Without support from Congress, and (2)for the purposes of restoring faith in our system. My serious prediction: Any Republican President for 2008. Why? Because it beats the hell out of the alternative and the voters ALL know this. The democrats will prove me correct throughout this entire process by focussing on Bush and his shortcomings.

ROMA said...

I just moved to New Mexico a year ago but some new paper friends of mine seem to think Big Bill does have some skeletons in his closet, but he is good at clean up. Does that remind you of another Bill?

I personally do not think Richardson can win the presidency but may like you said end up on the ticket. However you slice it in 2008 it will be the first time the people do not elect two white men.

travelingal said...

Apparently Obama may not be black enough.

Cheney/Bush supporter said...

I'd like to see a Cheney/Bush ticket.