Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Inconvenient Policies

This is another post that started off as a comment on someone else's web site (Three O'Clock In The Morning) , but I droned on so long I decided to spare his readership my verbosity and instead, bestow it upon YOU!

Lucky you.

His post was based on the fact that Al Gore's mansion in TN has utility bills that are something like 20x what average Americans pay.

His conclusion was, that this was "just further evidence for my theory that Liberal politicians are not only arrogant and pretentious, but hypocritical as well."

This is my response.


Hey, inventing the Intrenets consumes a lot of energy, OK?

Personally, I think he should move into an energy efficient studio apartment and let me live in his fucking mansion with all expenses paid.

ParTAY!! I'll even invite you.

But let's just shove Al Gore aside for a minute. It's been done before and it seems to be pretty easy.

"This is just further evidence for my theory that Liberal politicians are not only arrogant and pretentious, but hypocritical as well."

Arrogant. Arrogant would be presuming that the POTUS can dictate to, preach to and warn other world leaders what they must and must not do. That's not leadership. That's being a schoolyard bully. Petty, immature and arrogant. Unbefitting a President of the United States and not AT ALL reflective of the will of the American people.

Pretentious. Pretentious would be thinking that you being president is "God's Will", that the country you rule is "God's Country" populated by "God's People" and that you are doing "God's Work" by stomping around the world imposing your beliefs on other people at the point of a gun just because you have the perceived power to do so.

Hypocritical. Claiming that the sole purpose of your presidency is to "protect American lives" while throwing more American lives into a meat grinder than died in the trigger event that started one justified war (with Afghanistan, the home of the terrorists training camps) and another totally, unrelated, arbitrary war that you lied through your fucking teeth to get us into (that would be Iraq, just in case you haven't been following the news). All because you think God wants you to lay the groundwork for the Second Coming. As if Almighty God needed the help of a cowardly, draft-dodging, coke snorting, alcoholic, failed businessman and probable future war criminal to achieve His Goals.

Which is the greater Arrogance? Dubya's belief that he can convert the world to Christianity and Democracy with the threat of death and imprisonment? Or Al Gore's belief that he can save the environment through education and persuasion?

Which is the greater Pretension? That God personally chose you to impose His Will on the world by force? Or that you can save the environment through education and persuasion?

Which is the greater Hypocrisy? Claiming to protect Americans while slaughtering them by the thousands based on a network of transparent lies? Or wanting to save the environment while consuming more resources than other people think you should?

Al Gore has been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize.

George W. Bush and his associates will almost certainly be brought up on International War Crime charges at The Hague by someone, at sometime, after he leaves office.

Personally, I think one or more convictions are inevitable.

It will take decades to repair the damage that George W. Bush has done to America's standing as a World Leader. If he hasn't destroyed it completely and permanently.

It will also take decades to reverse the human impact on Global Warming.

It's high time all of us faced the undeniable scientific and political facts, and started making repairs on both fronts as fast as we can.


emawkc said...

XO, your points are simply further evidence for my theory that Republican politicians are not only arrogant and pretentious, but hypocritical as well.

Xavier Onassis said...

As I've always suspected, your Moriarty and my Holmes have much more in common than either one willingly admits.

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travelingal said...

Dear XO,

I don't have a lot of time to comment on this most interesting commentary as I am leaving for a vacation in the sun...but I have to say

I have voted Republican every election of my life and I am a conservative, no doubt, but at my elder age (I just turned 60 .. Gawd) I'm not yet suffering from dementia and I still love the STONES (hell be on anyone who doesn't..lol)

These are really different times. I see a dramatic change in our culture. I see a dramatic change in our country.

I plead, really open your minds people. I certainly don't agree with all of Bush's policies. I see us in a religious war that we can't win but I also fear the result if we don't.

With respect to Al Gore, I'd like to kick his ass into the atomosphere where he needs oxygen. How can he possibly justify telling me to conserve energy when he lives in some fucking mansion using 20 times what I do.

I could go on and on. I would love to have this kind of conversation with all of the commentors on this blog and believe me I'm willing to listen but I will not be led as a sheep to the slaughter by Al Gore and his ultra rich base nor will I discount the views of people who believe we are fighting a religious war we cannot win because I happen to agree with that..

But, people, I see bad bad things ahead for us. We are so divided. I hate Daily Kos..I mean I want to wring their fucking liberal necks. At the same time I cringe when the far right spouts off,,but don't ask me to vote for that Obama guy either...his view on partial birth abortion is so repulsive to me ...

Oh well, so much to say, so little time..

See you after my return from sun and fun in Puerto Vallarta

Xavier Onassis said...

travel - ENJOY YOUR VACATION!!! (i wasn't yelling, I was being sincere and enthusiastic)

We'll argue and fight when you get back! LOL!

momadness/mbg said...

Ok. It has been reported that he is paying more because of the higher costs of going green. Example: Anyone using compact fl bulbs knows that the price of these bulbs is way higher than incandescents. Now, I don't know what other green measures he has taken, but I can see how the potential exists that he/anyone would be paying more in certain ways to use less energy and emit less pollution into the air. This is one thing that pisses my Mr. off about going green. I argue we should do it even if we spend more on fl lighting, etc.; he argues there are people going hungry that need what they would spend on a fl bulb for food. He says it has to be done en mass to really make a difference. I argue one person changing one bulb, if they can afford it, to fl., can make a difference. He says the corporations sure are making a lot of money off us folks switching from incands to fls. He's probably right. But wtf do ya do?

Faith said...

momadness, the point to those special bulbs is that they utilize *less* energy in order to light a room/pathway/what have you. The bulbs themselves might cost a bit more to purchase initially, but the energy bill doesn't go UP when you install them...it should go down. Because they use less energy. More efficiently. See? Maybe you should pull that angle on your Mr. when you discuss this topic! :)

As for Gore, his electric bill/gas bill is high because he's using more energy - 20 times more - than the average Joe. Which doesn't exactly emphasize his ferver to promote a green policy. Maybe he has those special lightbulbs you're talking about, and he's still somehow managing to rack up a huge bill every month because he's got all the lights on in every room at all hours of the day. Who knows? But his bills are higher because he's using loads of energy. At least that's what the article that I read said...

momadness/mbg said...

I know how the bulbs work and he understands how it's supposed to work, but he still sees it as a scam by the corporations who charge so much for them. Still, we use them; he just believes all people should be able to afford them and that it will only make a real difference if more people, rather than less, can participate. I understand his point; but also believe that any size group doing whatever they can to make a difference, whether one person, or only 10 percent of the population, or whatever, can make a difference.
At this point, I'm reserving judgment regarding Gore. It's enuff to piss ya off thinking about it, tho.

emawkc said...

First, delete that asshat who just posted War and Peace.

Second, fluorescent bulbs are better because the last longer and thus you buy fewer bulbs, thus saving you money. I hear that Australia has federally mandated use of the fluorescent bulbs and banned incandescents.

Third, AlGore's energy consumption is 20x the national average. It doesn't matter how much he pays or where he gets if from or if he buys carbon offets. He's using 20x the national average energy consumption! AlGore could learn a lot from George W. Bush on this topic.

Finally, I'm a bit peeved at XO for hijacking my topic and racking up all of these comments. Damn you XO, Damn you to hell!!!!

Xavier Onassis said...

emaw - OK. I just wanted someone else to see the goonbabble-filled spam-bot comment before I deleted it.

I've been blogging for just over a year and that is the first "comment" I've ever deleted.