Monday, February 26, 2007

11 Die At Pakistani Kite Flying Festival

"Officials said two died after their throats were cut by metal kite strings. Kite flyers often use string made of wire or coated with ground glass to try to cut the strings of rivals or damage other kites.

The festival is also often marked with celebratory gunshots fired into the air. Five people died after being hit by stray bullets."

I fucking speechless.


How fucking ignorant do you have to be to use an AK-47 as a "party popper"?

I can't even find an image that adequately illustrates how fucking barbaric and stupid people like this are.

America is always being condemned for the prevalence of firearms and violent crime. But we seem to be one of the few countries on this planet where automatic weapons are NOT considered to be traditional celebratory equipment at weddings and kite flying competitions.

I didn't see any Oscar winners walking out of the theatre with their trophy in one hand and an M-16 in the other, firing off a few shots to celebrate their victory.

Wire kite strings?!? Ground glass?!? For a fucking KITE FLYING competition?

And people wonder why we are so concerned about some of these countries getting nuclear weapons.


Heather said...

You should read "The Kite Runner". It's not only an amazing book, it also gives more details on the Kite Flying Competitions in that area. Very interesting.

Xavier Onassis said...

I'll check it out. I honestly had no idea that something as simple as kite flying could be so competetive.

Unless it was me and my gf doing it. GRRRRR!!! LOL!

crse said...

HA! I can see my family engaging in extreme kite flying with prison rules. But this seems to be one of those darwinistic things that youd read about more from a trailer park in the ozarks...i think i need to read that book too!

emawkc said...

Man, they really do hate Jews. Oh, that says kite flying. My mistake.