Sunday, February 25, 2007

Sunday Sickness

No, I didn't have another hypochondria inspired visit to the emergency room for phantom chest pains or a troubling blood pressure reading after an early morning chicken-choking session.

But thanks for your concern. I love you too.

No, this is a different kind of sickness altogether.


If you are a regular visitor who loves animals (particularly cats), are easily offended (Question: why do you even come here?) or are even just a genuinely good person with a kind and caring heart (again, why do you come here?), then please, for the love of God and all that's Holy, DO NOT, UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES click on the Kitten Cannon.

You really won't like it. I'm serious. Don't fucking do it. Not even out of morbid curiosity after a couple of glasses of Pinot Grigio. Don't. Fucking. Do it.

I can't afford to lose any of my regular visitors. A 50% decline would pretty much leave me talking to myself here.

If, however, you are a sick and twisted fuck like me who remembers with fond nostalgia a book called "101 Uses For A Dead Cat", then click away.

If this graphic (that was a warning, folks...OOPS...too already saw bad!) image

drags even a hint of a smile or a guilty chuckle from you, then click on the Kitten Cannon to your heart's content.

You can thank THIS sick fuck for bringing this addictive lttle game to my attention.



Janet said...

1,392 ft!

Faith said...

I like those launching game things. It's not like we'd be launching a *real* cat, right? If people can't get that, then those people should climb back under their rocks.

But the dead kitty? With the sign? Dude.

(Ok, I did crack a small grin. A teeny one. Must be the clowns eating away at my soul...)

Keith Sader said...

hehehehe, free cat, hehehehehe

Xavier Onassis said...

Janet - NO WAY you got that on your first try. You must have put in some serious kitty cannon time to hit that!


crse said...

Kitten cannon brought many people in my little corner of the world a lot of joy today sir. And we thank you...

Janet said...

XO, I actually got that score about the 5th time. Haven't been able to match it since!