Friday, March 16, 2007

Free Land Still Available For Homesteaders!

"In a modern twist on the homesteading movement that populated the Plains in the 1800s, the community of 300 people is offering 26 large lots on spruce-covered land in a part of Alaska that has spectacular views of the Northern lights and Mount McKinley, North America's highest peak."

It's in Alaska. I mean, the seriously, deep, cold, middle of Alaska. This is like the
of Alaska.

Lot's of gorgeous country! Wide open wilderness! Denali National Park is just a 60 mile, frostbitten, "thank you baby Jesus!" dog-sled trip to the south west!

Population is just 367. That's somewhere between Missouri City or Orrick.

"Anderson, a little town in Alaska's interior, has no gas station, no grocery store and no traffic lights, but it does have plenty of woodsy land -- and it's free to anyone willing to put down roots in the often-frozen ground."

"Folks in Anderson say there are some job opportunities within driving distance, including a coal mine, a utility, major hotels and the air station, a ballistic missile early-warning site (Eielson AFB)."

Among the other advantages of Anderson: no property taxes, state income taxes or sales tax, virtually no crime, and no traffic. There are magnificent summers with temperatures as high as 90 degrees and plenty of wide-open space.

For just a refundable $500 deposit and the effort to erect a 1000 sq.ft. double-wide within the next two years, a frozen paradise could be yours for the taking!

My only question is, do they have cable?

I can do without a lot and I don't mind being buried under 12 feet of snow for 11 months out of the year as long as I have the following Foundations of Western Civilization:

1. Cable that includes:
1A. HD TV with Dolby Surround
1B. High-speed internet access (with porn)
2. Pizza delivery under any conditions
3. Chinese delivery under any conditions

If they are willing to meet those few, meager preconditions, I can eagerly promise them this:

and try to conceal for as long as possible that what they actually got was this:


travelingal said...

Heck, you couldn't even live in De Soto, Kansas!

Actually, I've been to said area..well the Denali park area. It is gorgeous. You get decent weather about 3 months of the year but even better you have sunshine almost 24 hours a day during that time (unfortunately almost completely dark the rest of the year) and can grow your own cabbage (for your chinese food) as big as basketballs.

Take your girlfriend, maybe more than one, cause as the saying up there goes:

"Alaska, where the men are men and so are the women."

crse said...

Ive been up around those parts too. And its beautiful. And the people are creepy weird. Having the sun out for close to 24 hours a day makes something happen to a person. Makes you go a little funny. Not in the "ha-ha" way, but in the "makes sense to tie people up in my basement so they will be my friends" way. Actually? Bender would fit right in, I think.

Nightmare said...

YOU AND ME BOTH!! I so would live there under those conditions and I would buy the radio works to make a Chris in the morning like station, hell I can even make Pizza. Sounds like an opportunity to carve out a little slice of heaven...if it wasn't for the 3 or 4 to 1 ration men to women...I have a friend who lives in Alaska,and his motto is "you don't lose your girlfriend, you just loose your turn"

Anonymous said...

As long as it got high speed internet access I'll gladly live there. I bet air is clean and food is healthy!

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john said...

Alaska sucks but with high speed internet its all gravy baby!