Friday, April 06, 2007

Your 15 Minutes Are Up...Now Go Away

I'm talking about Clay Chastain.

Good God. He doesn't even live here anymore. We drove him out of town in shame and disgrace years ago. Why does he care whether we have light rail? Why do we need a train that runs from the airport to the fucking ZOO?

Airport to the Plaza? Maybe. Airport to downtown? That might make sense. But the fucking zoo?? Are you kidding?

I got news for you Clay, the voter's didn't approve "light rail". They thought they were voting for "light beer".

Go away. Shut up. Stop embarassing yourself.

Kansas City doesn't like you, want you, or need you. Go back to Virginia and shove light rail down THEIR throats.

Leave us the fuck alone!!! Please. For the love of God. Just stop.

1 comment:

crse said...

i have two words for you friend. Jim Traficant. I believe he is still serving time as we speak.