Friday, June 29, 2007

Adventures in Stupidity!

Bomb squad detonates sparkler bombs

"According to Lt. Mark Misenhelter, the incident began about 9 a.m. when two city employees found the PVC pipes in 2500 block of Birmingham Road and placed them in a cargo holder in the back of their utility truck. He said the 1-inch diameter plastic pipes were about 6 inches long and filled with sparklers.

“They were concerned about safety and brought them to City Hall,” Misenhelter said

So, as a resident of Liberty, let me just clarify this for you.

These city workers find these two suspicious devices that they think could be bombs. They find these devices in the extreme south west corner of Liberty. In one of the least populated areas.

Do they phone the police from there so that the police can come out and investigate said suspicious devices in situ?

Oh no! Not these rocket scientists! Not these upstanding examples of the best and the brightest that Clay County has to offer. Huh uh.

No, they load the potential bombs into their fucking truck and bring them into the heart of downtown. The seat of government. The historic town square.

"City Hall employees were evacuated and allowed to return to work about two and a half hours later. As a precaution, Clay County courthouse employees and visitors were also evacuated for a short time, Misenhelter said."

Jesus Fucking Christ!

You find a couple of bombs way the fuck out in the country. You pick them up, drive them into town and bring them into the fucking City Hall and say, "Uh, looky here what we found! They's bombs! Here! You want 'em?"

Such blatant dooficity!


Spyder said...

Yup! Your government proudly serving you! Who needs the enemy when our own fucking people are idiots?

Zhu said...

Hilarious ! Sounds like a Jay Leno joke...

I had a lot of funny stories in the Parisian subway too involving lugguage left behind. Trust me, French cops aren't getting any smarter.

crse said...

I really love the toe flip off. I think instead of working today im going to dedicate the rest of the afternoon to mastering this. Thank you XO.