Friday, June 29, 2007

Bad, Bad Parents

All parents have their moments of self doubt.

There is no Parental Certification program that we are required to go through before having children.

Once they get here, they do not come with an Owner's Manual.

Despite 10,000+ years of civilization, the distilled wisdom regarding the care and feeding of human children basically boils down to "You're on your own. Nobody knows anything. Do the best you can."

Which is how this happens.

Dad Sentenced For Injecting Kids With Heroin

"HAZELWOOD, Mo. -- A suburban St. Louis man who injected his sons with heroin and cocaine in 2005 has been sentenced to 10 years in prison.

Stephen Pickle, 39, of Hazelwood, said he gave his children, ages 12 and 16 at the time, the drugs so they would understand how he felt when he used the drugs, according to court records.

His younger son contracted hepatitis C as a result of the injections

And this

Greenwood sentenced for child molestation

"Greenwood’s arrest stemmed from an incident that occurred in July 2006 when he was babysitting a friend’s two young daughters.

When the friend returned home, he had noticed that a pornographic movie had been purchased through his satellite system. After being confronted by the father of the two girls, Greenwood admitted that he had watched the movie in front of them.

Suspecting that Greenwood might have been doing more than watching pornography, the father convinced him that there was a nanny-cam in the home. At this point, Greenwood admitted in a taped conversation that he had molested the young girls.

Now, if you had two daughters young enough to still need a babysitter, would you leave them alone with THIS guy?

That face just screams "I GOT ME SOME ISSUES!! I AIN'T HOOKED UP RIGHT!! IN MY HEAD!!"

So the next time your young one is screaming about how much they hate you because you won't let them go to the mall by themselves or how much of a loser you are for not buying them those $200 sneakers, just remind them that it could be worse.

At least you didn't shoot them up with drugs and leave them with a child molesting babysitter.

You should get points for that, right?


TZT said...

Wow, I just had to slap myself in the face seven times in order to break out of the stupor those stories induced...
I mean, wow!

smedrock said...

Anyone who preys on children needs to have their heads removed via a noose.

Spyder said...

I say castrate both of them!

Webmiztris said...

christ....I wouldn't even let my CATS alone with that guy!!!

Zhu said...

I don't even want to be near that guy's picture. Seriously, I know mug shots aren't flattering, but unless you're blind you have no excuse.