Tuesday, June 05, 2007

The Wolf Blitzer Sound Bite Debate

I missed the opening moments of the debate so I don't know what the rules were.

But my impression was that any candidate who took more that 10-15 seconds to answer a question got intereupted by Wolf saying "thank you, thank you, excuse me, thank you..."

I found him EXTREMELY annoying. And I usually like Wolf.

I wish my name was Wolf. That would be cool. But I digress.

I hate giving politicians a blank check to talk as long as they want. I thought Gulianni was a blatant offender of the "yes or no" question on a pardon for Libby Scooter.

But asking complex questions and limiting the response to less than 30 seconds is just ridiculous. It panders to the short attention span of idiot voters and defeats the whole purpose of having debates and intelligent discussions.

I thought the whole thing was a manipulated fiasco that was almost designed to FAIL to inform people.

I'm guessing that if you went back and parsed the entire debate, Wolf Blitzer claimed more verbal real estate than all of the other candidates combined.

What a waste of time.


Stinkbait Boucher said...

I missed the whole damn thing. If Hell is a school gymna-cafe-torium potluck with self-absorbed white people and their defective children then I passed through the dark Lord's domain tonight.

It was mostly chicken but felt like Hell.

Enough about me. I missed the whole thing and, from the sound of it, am probably better off.

I think the candidates should be equipped with small weapons at these events. At the beginning of the campaign, let's give them pea shooters. By caucus time they work their way up to "Wrist Rocket" slingshots. October? Lawn Darts.

Each candidate is to be allotted two cheap shots per debate to be used at their discretion.

No moderators - just questions from call-in viewers and the occasional Lawn Dart.

Not only would I watch, I would TiVo.

crse said...

Ok Im blushing because I did tivo. I havent watched it yet so I thank you for no spoilers. I saw some highlights but not a lot. I agree though. For a middle child working class WASP girl, the constant interrupting with the thank yous made me a nervous wreck. (all the rudeness, hurting john mccain's feelings like that!)