Thursday, July 05, 2007

God, I'm hungry

Eric over at Secrets of the Red 7 posted a clip from Keith Olbermann which I mostly agree with.

But it just went on, and on and on.

It was so obviously Olbermann doing his Edward R. Murrow vs. Joe McCarthy rant that I just lost interest.

I started wondering "Is this how people feel when they read my verbose crap? Do they keep "fast forwarding" to the money-shot?"

My tummy was growling and my daughter kept asking when supper would be ready and I had to go.

Watch it if you have the time and the patience.


travelingal said...

Hope he feels better after his fucking rant. I think he made a total ass of himself and I seriously doubt he'd have the guts to say that to Bush himself. People have opinions...I can buy that and respect differing opinions, but be ready to stand up and say it to the person you're directing it his face or STFU! He did it for his ratings ..and news...I saw it on another he was successful and he SUCKS BIG TIME. In my book a person who disrespects the President of the United States in that way is a total jerk.

Xavier Onassis said...

See, I don't have that much of a problem with "disrespecting the President of the United States".

My problem with Olbermann was just that he bored me.

And I was hungry.

Spyder said...

I love Olbermann. And I bet given the opportunity he would say it to W's face. I know I'm very disappointed with this president. I wish I wasn't. I haven't seen much to respect. He gives Olbermann so much material that we are getting bored. It's not new, it's not fresh. It's the same shit we've been stuck with for 2 terms. I'm tired of the I'm a Christian and God is on our side attitude. He's so fucking anti abortion/pro Life but it's OK to commit abortion by bomb on the brown babies. And don't for a moment think that I'm against our troops. I have the highest respect for them. Too bad the president doesn't. Does he listen to the military that disagree with him ? Hell no. What about the care our wounded soldiers get? This war is about money/oil/power. If you don't think so then you are naive. The rest of the world knows it & they are pulling out, or never went. What respect/good will the USA had was pissed away by this president. If he wants my respect he needs to resign.
Sorry XO for ranting. I wish I was as eloquent as Olbermann.

Chris said...

Yeah. Somebody should come up with a new style of pithy commentary summarized in tiny semantic chunks or "bites," delivered in under thirty seconds, followed by commercials featuring insurance-selling ducks. When will the media stop pandering to my lengthy attention span?